The Macedonian Issue and the left side-Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Monday, 22 January 2018 - 18:35

Being defeated in an ideological and political level, the representatives of the urban political parties from the center to the center-right wing, show in every chance their submission to the left side! If they respected Greek History and the leadership of the left side, since people are always patriots, even if they can be lured by the marxist politicians, they should have disdained in every chance the left wing for its antinational policy. In this article we shall speak with documents and we will present the official texts of the left side, which prove that the left wing betrayed Greece in the major national issue of our Macedonia.

Inter-war period and Macedonian issue

Forced by the Comintern, KKE ended in antinational resolutions. In fact that happened despite the reactions of top members of KKE, like Georgios Georgiadis, who denied to the plans of Moscow for independent Macedonia and Thrace and then left KKE, considering that it is an antinational political party. The representative of KKE who agreed with the plans of the Comintern was Sargologos, who stole the economic fund of Moscow for KKE and fled to USA! This is the famous “morality” of the left side!

In the end, the 3rd Conference of KKE took the following decision (a monument of national treason): (26 Nov. - 3 Dec. 1924) “Independence in Macedonia and Thrace: The capitalists repress the national minorities in Macedonia and Thrace, the Greek plutocracy suppresses a part of Macedonian and Thracian people, keeping with force the Macedonian and Thracian country under submission...” The famous historian of the left side Giannis Kordatos who was the secretary at KKE until 1924, reacted and was erased from the party because of that.

In fact, Giannis Kordatos, in his article at Revolition Proletarienne at 1926 -which was republished at “Rizospastis” at 1927 so that KKE can prove that Kordatos was not a rebel- directly accused KKE of national treason, writing the above: “The comintern forced KKE to replace Kordatos at 1924. Then, everything fell apart…The ultimate paradox was the motto for the autonomy of Macedonia…KKE actually created this issue. This policy in the end devastated this party, since the workers were displeased. Communism in Greece was presented as an ally of Bulgarian chauvinism. KKE allied with the Bulgarian nationalists, and did not talk about Dodecanese that belong to Italy, even though their population is 80% Greek, or for Cyprus that belongs to England, yet the population is 85% Greek.”

The vast treason during the civil war

However, this treason did not stop there. At 1974, the third plenary session of the central commission of KKE approved the notorious plan “Limnes” , which provided the creation of a communist state in Northern Greece, with Thessalonica as the capital, which they would give to Tito as a “gift”! Also, KKE during the 4th Plenary Session of the Central Commission at 28-29/7/1948 declared that “Greece is an imperialist state and conquered by force entire regions whose population are different nationalities. KKE in the name of bolshevism declares the autonomy of Macedonia and Thrace, their separation from the Greek State, for an independent Macedonia and Thrace…” (KKE –unofficial texts-third volume). 

The degradation of KKE follows with the resolution of the 5th Plenary Session: “At Northern Greece, the Macedonian (Slavomacedonian) People gave everything for the fight, with heroism and sacrifices, that worth admiration. There is no doubt that with the victory of the communist army and the popular revolution, Macerdonian people will be free…” 

The “criminal” Pavlos Melas!

Few months before the destruction of the communist army, at Grammos and Vitsi, took place at March of 1949 the conference of the bolshevist “Macedonians” with the presence of Zahariadis and Karagiorgis. In this conference, on behalf of KKE spoke K. Karagiorgis: “Dear companions. I shake the hand of each and every one of you. This conference constitutes the most beautiful proof for the unity and fraternity of the Greek and Slavomacedonian people, in the fire of the fights for freedom and the indeopendence of the two populations. Few are the place where the people where so tormented, as the Macedonian people. In the past, the Turkish lords, the Serbian soldiers and the Greek soldiers-chieftains, like Pavlos Melas, Captain Bardas, Tsontos and Garefis repressed these poeple. For more than 50 years, Macedonian people fight for their freedom”. 

So, Pavlos Melas and those who fought for Macedonia are “criminals”…A whole people mourned for his loss! Kostis Palamas wrote a poem for his glory. Yet, martyrs of our Nation, those who fought for Macedonia to remain Greek, are nothing but “chieftains that repressed these people”! Of course, all these do not concern only KKE, but also SYRIZA, since from KKE, derives KKE internal, from KKE internal derives Synaspismos and from Synaspismos derives SYRIZA.

No party of the left side has ever denied or denounced these antinational resolutions that betray our Macedonia. New Democracy respects these …fights of the left side! We certainly not! 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’ s Association-Golden Dawn