The limitless revanchism of SYRIZA - Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Thursday, 28 March 2019 - 18:58

The limitless revanchism of SYRIZA - Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Article of the Secretary General of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, in the national newspaper “Empros”

Shortly after the beginning of the governance of SYRIZA, of the first left government in Greece, I had stated in a past interview that SYRIZA is about to offer a valuable service in the political sphere of the country, since the politicians of SYRIZA will reveal what is the true meaning of the Left and that is exactly what happened! 

During these four years as the government, the members of SYRIZA proved how nationally dangerous and inadequate they are to lead this land. They started with pompous words about national independence, claiming that they will shred the memoranda and stop the domination of the global capital over our Fatherland. Well, after a short time they brought a new memorandum and they enslaved our Fatherland further to the lords of the money.

In parallel, by continuing the policy of open borders of the previous governments, they allowed the entrance of hundreds of thousands illegal immigrants in our Fatherland, who turned our border areas into social jungles! And while the national economy crumbles, they create a new “industry”, the industry of “NGOs”, by which thousands of slick people are nurtured plundering national capitals as also funds originating by international organizations. 

The sequel was even more interesting, since the left government became an eager servant of the American interests in our country, to the point where they deported Russian diplomats, a deed that never happened even during the most severe anticommunist governments in the course of Cold War! So, we ended in the Prespa agreement and the offer of the name “Macedonia” to Skopje, against the will of the People, against the national interest, against History.

But we may go back some years ago, when SYRIZA was not yet the government and Dourou (a member of SYRIZA) had declared that she will swear at Korischades, the place of the headquarters of the communist government during Civil War! Today, the same person is accused of her inadequacy and the death of 100 at Mati, a region in Attica. 

They started by vowing “no house to the bankers” and now they finish with the confiscations of residencies and the rise of suicides…Nonetheless, they attempt to hide their actions with a limitless revanchism, by invoking the bloody history of the Left side, by reminding the tragic moments of Greek History and by  inaugurating a new age of civil conflicts.

So there is coincidence in the signing of the hideous Prespa agreement in the same place where Zachariades had saluted a treasonous summit of Slav-speaking people, which was against the national sovereignty of Greece in Macedonia and Thrace. 

The placement of descendants of members of the communist party that were executed after trial by the Greek governments on their ballot papers, is not coincidental! Do they try to avenge History? Do they try to take back what they lost? Do they want a new civil war, a new slaughter? Or do they proceed to all these actions in order to deceive their voters, since in reality they are nothing more than servants of the global capitalism? 

The Left returns and wants revenge on History. Is there any Right to fight back? There is, however it is definitely not New Democracy, but the National and Popular Right of History and Tradition.