The Lambda of ancient Lacedaemon shined under the glance of King Leonidas-Photography from the grand event

Monday, 11 September2017 - 17:35

The Lambda of ancient Lacedaemon shined under the glance of King Leonidas-Photography from the grand event

Thousands of Greek Nationalists attended this year the monument of Thermopylae and the statue of the Spartan King, Leonidas, in order to honor the ancestral fighters who sacrificed themselves to prevent the hordes of the barbarians.

With a magnificent memorial ceremony at the Scared Field of sacrifice of Thermopylae, thousand members of Golden Dawn paid their debt towards the Heroes and renewed their vow to the ancestors for the continuation of the National Fight.

Comrade Ilias Kasidiaris opened the event of the Commission of National Memory and referred to the spirit of the Sacrifice of the Ancient Spartans, by connecting the past with the current fights and the struggle of Greek Nationalists.

Afterwards, Comrade Evaggelos Karakostas narrated the chronicles of this fierce Battle, with the finishing line: “Either we will wine, for the salvation of Greece, or we may fall for our Homeland, with the pealing cannons and the waving flags”.

Comrade Ourania Mihaloliakou mentioned the role of the women of Ancient Sparta, stressing the racial continuation and comparing these women with the current proud women of Golden Dawn.

The heroic Comrade Alexandros Gerontas referred to the spirit of sacrifice of the Spartans, comparing it with the current fight of Nationalists and the new “Thermopylae” that took place at Neo Heraklion, where our Immortal Comrades Giorgos Foudoulis and Manolis Kapelonis fell.

Finally, the Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn made the last speech. Comrade Nikolaos Michaloliakos stressed the double meaning of the ceremony in Honor and Memory of the Thermopylae. We honor the Heroes who fell for our Homeland and in parallel we do not forget the traitors and the cowards.

Since the modern politicians betray the Ideals of Greeks, only us, the Greek Nationalists continue to guard the Thermopylae!

He stressed that in National affairs there is only retreat. At all the fronts, at Macedonia, Thrace and Aegean. The antinational government offers everything to the illegal immigrants and in the same time seizes the residences of Greeks.

He noted that for 30 years, he is present in this laconic ceremony, except for 2014 and 2015, since he was imprisoned by the political establishment. This is an illegal political persecution, continues till today.

The Leader of Golden Dawn dent the message of the Fight and Victory, stressing the fact that after Thermopylae, follow Plataes.

The glorious ceremony ended with the attendants chanting the National Anthem and the Hymn of Movement.

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