The islamic terrorism is nestled by the European governments

Tuesday, 11 April2017 - 21:05

The islamic terrorism is nestled by the European governments

The question why the Islamic terrorism flourishes in the European continent can be answered only if we recur to the recent past. By the times when the western governments supported the Mujahideen at Afghanistan against the Soviet invaders-and these Mujahideen are impregnated with the Saudi ideology of Wahhabism- the islamic terrorism appeared initially at the Shia muslim countries and societies and afterwards to the western European cities.


At the European continent, especially at Western Europe, the islamic terrorism came with the Saudi Arabian investments. Saudi Arabia, along with the other royal dictatorships of the Arabian Gulf posed conditions for their investments in Europe. The most important condition was the acceptance of mosques where there will be teachings of the ideology of Wahhabism, which is a sect of Sunni Islamism. The European politicians, who were interested only in the economic benefits, personal or not, of these investments, accepted the terms of the Saudi Arabs, of the dictators of Qatar and of the other dictators of the Arabian Gulf, without thinking the tragic impacts for the citizens of their countries.

The ideology of Wahhabism, which was spread in the muslim societies of Europe though the brainwashing that takes places at the mosques, whose construction was founded by Riyadh but also from Ankara, was reinforced by criminal muslims, who entered and continue to enter in the continent after the wars at Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and Syria, wars that constituted the creations of the American Zionists, NATO and nomenclature of E.U. 

So, the politicians of Europe who are concerned today about the terrorist attacks of the islamists at Paris, Berlin, London and elsewhere, are the co-managers of the islamic terrorism. All of us pay the price of the “thirty pieces of silver” which were offered by the Saudi Arabians to persons like Hollande, Merkel, Blair, Papandreou, Samaras and many others. 

The islamic structures (mosques, cultural associations) are rapidly increased in Europe as the result of the acceptance of the thirty pieces of silver from these politicians. It is about islamic structures that put the seed of hate against the native people and call the muslim believers to eliminate the non-believers from the Earth. And while the public structures and the secret services of the European states react hysterically and in a parastatal level towards to movements and political parties that aim to defend the people from the tempest of the islamic terrorism, the cause of this terrorism remains undetected by the governments of the “thirty pieces of silver”.

G. Linardis