THE HEAD PROSECUTOR SHOULD INTERVENE: Karolos Papoulias possesses an illegal G3A3 military rifle – Shocking photographic proof!

Wednesday, 17 December2014 - 16:57

THE HEAD PROSECUTOR SHOULD INTERVENE: Karolos Papoulias possesses an illegal G3A3 military rifle – Shocking photographic proof!

We will not speak in regards to equal rights, since our co-combatant Ilias Kasidiaris finds himself in prison for possession of a legal hunting rifle. If that was the case than every hunter would be by his side in Korydallos Prison.

When in existence there is clearly heavy, illegal conduct, of which can be openly observed through the television. There is no way that we will not ask for immediate intervention on the part of the Head Prosecutor.

We have proof that – for a short time more – The President of Democracy, Karolos "Charles" Papoulias has in his possession – illegally of course – at least 1, G3A3 type, military rifle. The type used in the Hellenic Army.  If this wasn't scandalous enough the presentation of this military weapon was clearly given by The Minister Of Public Security Nikos Dendias himself!

The whole ordeal reminds us, in it's suit and tie form the situation with the stolen war weapons of “17 November”: on the 24 'th of December in 1989. We remind you “ The commandos of 17 November intensified in military warehouses in the area of Larisa next to the village of  Sykourio on the night of the 24'th moving into the 25 'th of December 1989. The warehouses were guarded by soldiers and men of the national prison but they perceived nothing. In total a large portion of weapons was taken away; rockets 2.36 and 3.5 inch, bullets of .45, .38, .30, 7.62 calibre, grenades, and other electric and manually firing weapons”

We remind you in the case of Golden Dawn, the - complete – boss of the District Attorneys Office in Athens, Dogiakos, had written: “From the entire content of findings, court evidence and the strong persistence of the accused, on the contrary, it is verified without a doubt the illegal possession of rifles and weapons in regards to the political party and it's members. Despite the facts that, even though an extensive and persistent search was conducted, it was difficult to attain, what was believed by the units of Special Police to uncover, the  large number of rifles as they submitted to have exist.

Dogiakos in a previous statement reveals these weapons exist from “photographs” on Google. But in truth what is he doing about his real weapons . . . those governmental employees that make the constitutional bow.

There is also a supposed appointment for Charles, who offers to legalize his military weapons, but this has not occurred as of yet. In addition making his dream a reality with the help of Dendias will escalate this to a violation of laws.