The guilty silence of the political establishment-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Monday, 4 December 2017 - 20:32

The guilty silence of the political establishment-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

My speech at the Greek Parliament and questions that remain unanswered by the political parties and the media

At November 20 of 2017, at the plenary session of Greek Parliament, took place a discussion about the draft law for the social allowance, where of course the tragedy at Mantra, Attica, draw the attention. During my speech, I posed important questions and issues, but I received no answer, inside and outside of the Parliament. 

Television stations, newspapers, internet, the media in general did not broadcasted my words, as if a spoke in a bistro. Well I spoke in the Greek Parliament and this fact reveals that regarding GOLDEN DAWN there is no democracy in this land. The civilian claims: “he should speak at the parliament in order for his words to be heard”, but they have their way to keep my words unheard! They decreased a speech of twelve minuets into a small excerpt at the newscasts of …5 seconds! Even Stalin seems small compared to them. 

The proposition for the economic support of the residents of Mantra by GOLDEN DAWN

In the beginning of my speech, I proposed to offer one million from the illegally bound financing of GOLDEN DAWN to the residents of Mantra. More precisely: 

“…Before I refer to the current draft law, I would like to express my condolences to the families of the victims at Mantra, Attica and declare that GOLDEN DAWN is the only political party hose public financing is illegally bound. So, I call the government to release one million euros from this bound financing of GOLDEN DAWN and immediately offer them to the victims of the flood at Mantra and Nea Peramos.”

Of course there was no answer from the government, while our proposition was not broadcasted by the media. They prefer to keep these money bound in the Deposit and Consignment Office, rather than offer them to our compatriots, in order to keep in silence GOLDEN DAWN! This is one more sign of the hatred and the animosity of a rotten and corrupted state.

The question about the name of Macedonia, Mpoutaris and Kotzias

Of course I did not referred exclusively to the draft law and the disaster of our compatriots at West Attica. I also noted a grave national issue, the issue of our Macedonia. Prompted by the visit of mayor of Thessalonica at Skopje, I said in the Parliament the above:

“…Mr. Mpoutaris did not stopped at praising Mustafa Kemal. He went with his car some km northern of Skopje and called Skopje as “Macedonia”. When his statement cause a great reaction from the Press and Greek People, he said that he was encouraged for this trip by Mr. Kotzias. We waited for two days the denial of Kotzias, that he never encouraged Mpoutaris to go to Skopje and call this state “Macedonia”. Kotzias did nothing. Maybe you plan to sell off the name “Macedonia”. 

No media, no newspaper mention this question I made. Similarly, no answer from the minister of Foreign Affairs, who remained silent. Yet this was not just a comment on the web, it was a public question of a political party of the Parliament. Of course, this silence reveals his guilt. 

Regarding the invasion of “Rubicon” at Pentagon! 

In the same speech, I also denounced the tolerance of the “USA communists” of SYRIZA, regarding the audacious invasion of the parastatal bolshevists of “Rubicon” in a camp of our Armed Forces. A group of anarchists invaded in the heart of the Armed Forces, Pentagon, and left with no problem. The fact that they were repelled is just a rumor. However, I would like to ask. Three days have passed since then. There are no cameras at Pentagon? Did they open a file for the invasion at the Pentagon? No. Was I wrong when I claimed that SYRIZA covers the actions of criminals?...”

Utter silence regarding this denouncement. No file has opened, no one was persecuted, even though they invaded the Pentagon, while this place of filled with cameras and the authorities know those who did this audacious provocation.

Regarding the “political responsibility”

As for the minister of National defense, Panos Kammenos, regarding the invasion at Pentagon, he said that he accepts the political responsibility. What does that mean? Does it mean that Panos Kammenos ordered the invasion of the “Rubicon” at the Pentagon?” 

When I have spoken about “political responsibility” and not CRIMINAL, regarding a crime for which I personally but also our political party had condemned, not only the leftists but also some self-proclaimed “patriots” claims that Michaloliakos confessed this crime! This is the meaning of the ‘political responsibility?” Of course not. So, these two words, “political responsibility”, you interpret them as you wish, in order to hurt an entire Political Movement  and support the political conspiracy of some guilty people, which of course shall fall apart. 

Well, let us return to the fact that a political leader proceeds to public denouncements in the Parliament, while not only he receives no answer, but also these denouncements remain hidden by an entire political system. 

When this happens, there is no democracy, no political freedom, but a clear tyranny. We live the days of the dictatorship of the corrupted and against this tyranny we fight for Homeland and Freedom. 

Nikolaos G, Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn