The Greece of Greek Christians! The Greek Nationalists by the side of Orthodoxy-Photography

Monday, 27 November 2017 - 22:11

Hundreds of Nationalists sent yesterday a resonant message of support of the Christian Orthodox Faith and our Church, arrived in the event of National Memory Commission with the following subject: “The persecutions against Orthodoxy on the era of Globalization”.

The Consultant of the Periphery of Attica, Comrade Pericles Moulianakis opened the rigorous event and noted that as long as there are Greek Christians, there will be A Greek and Orthodox Homeland!

The Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn made the first speech in the event. At first, Nikolaos G., Michaloliakos gave the right answers to all those who calumniate Golden Dawn, aiming to connect Golden Dawn with mystic satanic organizations. Afterwards, he referred to all the sacred figure of Orthodoxy, to the proud priests of Hellenism, who offered their life to the Homeland and the Faith.

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos concluded that Golden Dawn constitutes the current young lad, who does not conform to the demands of the New World Order!

The Archbishop of Christian Orthodox in Athens and Greece, Mr. Makarios, praised the Greek Nationalists for their fights and noted that the most difficult thing today is the loyalty of the people towards their Faith, since Orthodoxy is attacked from every side.

The Doctoral of the Theological University of Antioquia, Archbishop Maluf Antonios, referred to the persecution of Christian by the islamists, stressing that Greece is the capital of Orthodoxy!

The Sergeant Andreakos Dimitrios, who was victorious in his struggle regarding the citizen card, sent the message of resistance towards an atheists and anti-Christian state.

Comrade Nikolaos Papadimitiou, professor and former administrator of Mount Athos, expressed his concern regarding the anti-Christianity of the western societies, which abandon the ethical values, and denounced the “democratic” interventions of an atheist state in our Orthodoxy.

The event ended with the speech of the MP of Piraeus, Giannis Lagos. Comrade stressed that in era where everything is distorted, where ministers and prime-ministers state that they are atheist and build mosques in Athens, only Golden Dawn Fights for our Homeland and our Faith.

The parastatal anarchists who are protected by SYRIZA, have reach the point to attack to priests in the center of Athens. IN the end, he gave his word that the Comrades of Golden Dawn will continues to fight faithfully for Greece and for Orthodoxy.

The event ended with everyone chanting the National Anthem and the Akathist Hymn.