The governments may fall, the state of Bobolas stays

Tuesday, 11 April2017 - 21:01

The governments may fall, the state of Bobolas stays

SYRIZA declares that he strikes the interdependence and yet everything remain the same at the channels and nothing has changed. In addition, in the Parliament, the previous days, an amendment was voted by the government, which in fact was a gift to Bobolas Group! 

According to the amendment which was submitted by the former member of PASOK and current member of SYRIZA, the minister of the government Tsipras-Kammenos, Spirtzis, a subsidy of 330 million euro is provided for the roadway Corinth-Kalamata, if the income from the tolls is not enough according to the expectations of Bobolas Group!

We observe, well, that during the years of the governance of the left side, which constitutes nothing else than the pure continuation of the old political system, the interdependence of the contractors continues as well.