Thursday, 18 December2014 - 14:59


The new memorandum isn't going to be a."memorandum"

The elements of the government that exists in our country are starting to resemble more and more that of a tyranny.  Of course none of the newspapers or the television channels said a word about that horrible gala of Samaras' in Nafplio city.  Up until a year ago, we didn't have planes flying overhead during national parades because of the hard economic situation we are in.  But it wasn't a problem at all for an F-16 to do a flyover during the same day that "Antony the Great" was being declared an "honorary citizen" of Nafplio city.  The silly excuse that was used to justify this was that it was also the actual day for the celebration of the independence of city of Nafplion, but that excuse didn't."fly."  If that was the case, then why didn't any aircrafts fly over Tripoli, too, to commemorate the day that it was freed from the Turks in 1821? 

Therefore, it's obvious to conclude that that F-16 flyover was for Samaras; and  hundreds of Nafplion citizens were beaten up by the police that day because they had gathered to express their antithetical feelings and anger for this government. Also, the tv channels in Greece didn't cover this at all!  Another element which clearly shows that Greece is ruled  by a government that strongly resembles a Latin-American banana republic and that, according to the media, whatever "good" is done in this country is deemed a Samaras success (a "success story"), but, on the contrary, whatever bad happens in Greece is not Samaras' fault,  but that of councils, ministers etc.

Let's get back though to this miserable tragedy-comedy with the touted "end" of the memoranda about which the paid regime propagandists write every day.  A true comedy is taking place at the expense of the Greek citizens which reminds us of the Andreas Papandreou political period in which PASOK supporters were so thrilled that the American and NATO military bases were about to pulled out of Greek territory; but the military bases never left the country and they still remain to this day.  Part of this fraud is the (in)famous lie of the government concerning the primary surplus. Οf course it can appear to be a primary surplus when the state delays giving to hundreds of thousands of people what its owned to them.  It is, therefore, completely virtual and doesn't fool anybody, especially the TROIKA.

Now that we have been told that the memorandum is over, who has forgotten that Samaras himself announced loud and clear that he will rip out a page of the memorandum each day?  The proposals though of the coalition government of New Democracy -PASOK to the TROIKA are, essentially, not only not the end of the memoranda, but the beginning of a new one for the Greek people, one even more odious that the previous ones.  

Another big lie we heard recently is that the IMF was about to leave Greece, but the denial of this came from the IMF itself saying that it will remain until the end of 2016.  Lies, lies, lies, and with these lies five years have passed and the lives of Greek people changed dramatically, and someone is to blame for this. 

Blame either the TROIKA, which has got to go ASAP, or the New Democracy-PASOK cartel which must step down immediately, lest we believe this monstrous lie that Greece is on a prosperous path toward development and growth.

Golden Dawn's position is clear.  As I have already said to the nationalists in the parliament in 2012, there are three words from the memorandum that must be terminated at once.  Those three words are "ceding of sovereignty." A ceding of sovereignty that, in recent years, has reached the point where the Greek government is taking orders from an EU commissioner-and by emails for that matter! 

This e-mail government has to go now!!!