Tuesday, 9 December 2014 - 04:38


The new memorandum that will not be...a memorandum

The elements of the goverment that exists in our country look more and more like a tyranny. Of course none of the newspapers or the television channels said a word about the bad fiesta of Samaras in Nafplio city. Until a year ago during the parades the airplanes didnt fly because of the difficult economic situation. But there was no problem at all for an F-16 to fly at the same day that "Antony the magnificent" would declared an official citizen of Nafplio city. The funny excuse that used was that was the day for celebration of the independence of Nafplion city it s not correct. If so why the aircrafts didnt fly also at the day that Tripoli city was freed from the turk1821? 

Therefore the F-16 flew for the sake of Samaras and also hundreds of Nafplion citizens were beaten up by the police because they have gathered to express their antithesis and anger to this government. But the tv channels showed nothing at all! Αnother element which clearly shows that Greece is ruled and strongly reminds a latin-american banania is that according to the media whatever good is done in this country is a Samaras success but on the contrary whatever bad happens is not Samaras to be blamed but councils, ministers etc.

Lets get back though to this miserable comedy with the famous end of the memorandum for which the regime propagandists write every day. A true comedy is taking place on the back of the Greek citizens which remind us the Andreas Papandreou period in which Pasok supporters were so thrilled that the American and Nato  military bases were about to pulled out of the Greek territory but the military bases never left the country and they still remain till today. Part of this fraud is the famous lie of the government for the primary surplus. Οf course can be appeared a primary surplus when the state delays to give to hundreds of thousands of people what its owned to them. It is therefore completely virtual and does not fool anybody and especially Troika.

Now we have been told that the memorandum is over, who has forgotten Samaras himself to announce with a loud and clear voice that he will rip a single page of the memorandum day by day? The proposals though of the coalition new democracy - pasok with the Troika not only in essence is the end of the memorandum but the beginning of a new one harder for the Greek people. Another big lie is that the IMF was about to leave but the denial came from IMF itself that it will stay until the end of 2016.Lies lies lies, and with these lies five years have passed and the live of Greek poeple changed dramatically, and this is someones fault. 

Blame either Troika which has to go the sooner either new democracy-pasok gang which also has to leave immediately. Unless we are about to believe this monsterous lie that Greece is on a prosperous path with development.

Golden Dawns position is clear. As i have already said to the nationalists in the parliament in 2012 there are three words from the memorandum that must be terminated at once. these three words are " concession of sovereignty". A concession who exists the recent years and reached us to the point to take commands from a commissioner of europe but also to give orders to this government through e-mails!!

This e-mail government has to drop now!!

Nicolaos Mihaloliakos
political prisoner
Korydallos state prison