The Golden Dawn proposal to stop the validation of the Prespa Agreement - Article by N.G. Michaloliakos

Thursday, 7 February 2019 - 00:27

The Golden Dawn proposal to stop the validation of the Prespa Agreement - Article by N.G. Michaloliakos

On the morning of January 23, 2019, GOLDEN DAWN filed an objection of unconstitutionality for the Prespa agreement, arguing that 180 votes were needed in order to pass this bill, since it is a major national issue.

New Democracy rejected this proposal using insults through her representative, Dendias, who was applauded by the members of SYRIZA ... Taking the stand, I gave an answer to the attitude of N.D. and I tabled a specific proposal in order not to pass the Prespa agreement, by saying:

“...First of all, addressing the New Democracy MPs, I’d like to note that it does not honor you that your delegate was applauded by all of SYRIZA's MPs, especially in the context of this discussion for the Agreement.

Regarding the insulting comments of the Parliamentary Representative of SYRIZA, Mr. Xydakis, I will not answer. I will just say one thing: The Macedonian birds do not sing in macedonian. They sing only in Greek.

Concerning our objection for the unconstitutionality of the Prespa Agreement, the “democratic arc” replied with a “no”. However, this was not a denial to Golden Dawn, but a denial to the Greek Constitution, agreementing to which 180 votes are required for a major national issue.

Why did you vote against the objection, deputies of New Democracy? Are you afraid that you might find yourselves in the difficult position to vote agreementing to the command of the United States and NATO in favor of the Prespa Agreement?

Of course, we have the obligation to inform the Greek people, who are against the Prespa agreement in their overwhelming majority, about how the validation of this agreement can be stopped. There’s currently in Parliament a constructed majority that does not represent the volition of the Greek people, since January proved to be not only a month of transfers for footballers, but also for MPs. Almost all the parties exchanged members.

More on the subject, there is a rumor that a motion of censure will be tabled by New Democracy to delay the process. It is welcome. Besides, we also supported the previous motion of censure. Yet, there is also another way, beyond the parliamentary decorum, to stop the validation of the agreement. Furthermore, even the deputies and the representatives of New Democracy claim that SYRIZA is undertaking a parliamentary coup.

I will refer to this other way, as it is described in Article 51 of the Greek Constitution: “Concerning the election of MPs, the number of the deputies is provided by the law. However, it can be no less than 200 and no more than 300.”

Therefore, deputies of New Democracy and PASOK, if you resign, we, the MPs of Golden Dawn, also commit to resign. This way 110 MPs will resign and the Parliament will be left with 190 MPs and will not be able to operate, so any debate regarding the Prespa Agreement will have to stop.”

After my speech, the speaker of SYRIZA, Xydakis stood up furiously and spoke about a parliamentary coup! Nevertheless, New Democracy fell short of expectations and did not accept the proposal of GOLDEN DAWN. She did not promise to terminate the agreement (EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE!), while some of her prominent representatives said that they accept the compound name, even though it is clear that the name is not only a vehicle of Skopje 's irredentism, but it fatally also gives away nationality and language.

GOLDEN DAWN proved to be the only political power that expresses the Patriots and Nationalists who are protesting against the Prespa Agreement and will continue to fight consistently for the denunciation of this agreement, being absolutely committed to her promise.

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s League – Golden Dawn