The “Golden Dawn” of the People and the “far right” of the system-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Wednesday, 12 July 2017 - 01:07

The “Golden Dawn” of the People and the “far right” of the system-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

“We lighted the fire
In us the wrath was born
We dream of a New Greece
Spreading throughout the World”


GOLDEN DAWN became the center of attention due to a statement of the chairman of ND, which was insulting for our Movement. Press releases of SYRIZA and accusations for collaboration of GOLDEN DAWN and ND followed, which constitute the imagination of the leftists, similarly in the past, when the liberals accused the Nationalists for collaborating with the bolshevists! 

Why Golden Dawn is “in pain”

There was a main article of the newspaper “ESTIA”, published in Friday June 30 of 2017, with the title “Why Golden Dawn is in pain”. In this article it was reported that since the political changeover the “center right party”, New Democracy, was separated from the leadership of the far right and this provoked a “massive electoral cost” for New Democracy. 

This “massive political cost” is the 7% at the elections of 1977 of the National Party, which costed nothing to New Democracy, since it won in the elections of 1977. Also, N.D. managed to crush the National Party before the elections of 1981, where the president of democracy was Konstantinos Karamanlis. 

In order to understand the “far right” characterization of the National Party, we only have to mention a fact, a name. The name of one backbencher among its five MPs. Hasan Imamoglou. What could be the relation between a Popular and Nationalistic Movement and this party, between GOLDEN DAWN and a political party whose MP was Turkish and muslim? 

Under these misconceptions, the Nationalistic Movement was in the margin, yet it came to the spotlight though the GOLDEN DAWN of People, not through some “flag-bearers”, submissive to USA, who were following the doctrine of cold war, even at the expense of the national interests! 

Us and the “far-right”: What I have been writing at 1999

At 1992, the year in which started the political struggle of GOLDEN DAWN, due to the B’ Conference of the Movement, I wrote a book with the title “FOR A GREAT GREECE IN A FREE EUROPE”. At 1999, in the second publication, I added a postface, which I had written during the August of that year in my special homeland Mani. In that postface I made it clear that we have no relation with the civil “far-right”: 

“On the contrary with the conservative political initiatives of the alleged nationalists, the Nationalists of GOLDEN DAWN, all these years spilt their blood on the streets, they showed a constant rigorous presence at the political sphere of the country. They organized open gatherings and marches with thousands of young people. At this point I would like to refer to a major issue regarding the ideological and political character of our Movement. This issue is whether GOLDEN DAWN is a movement of the so-called far-right or not.”

In this text I made it clear that GOLDEN DAWN has no relation with the relics of the state of the cold war and that it is a Movement Popular and Nationalistic. There is no relation neither origin with any political formation of this kind, since all of them failed!

It is a fact that in some cases we partnered in the elections and that was a MISTAKE, but we were never ideologically and politically involved in these parties, which were the “far-right” of the system. And this “far-right” side tries to survive, but this is impossible since GOLDEN DAWN has turned into a massive popular Movement throughout Greece. 

But let us return to the article of the newspaper “ESTIA”

“The integration in the system was their ambition”

Regarding the main difference of GOLDEN DAWN with the so-called far-right, the following are written in “ESTIA”:

“The extreme political parties during the governance of Karamanlis (from 2004 to 2009) were not excluded by the media, on the contrary with GOLDEN DAWN. Many members of these extreme parties moved to New Democracy at 2012. They were far-right only on the surface, since they were not radical:  the   integration in the system was their ambition.”

Well, it is evident that GOLDEN DAWN has no relation with the so-called far-right parties, since they proved that their only goal was their integration in the sinful political system and the personal interests. 

GOLDEN DAWN is excluded by the media of the “Big Bosses”. The GOLDEN DAWN of the Heroes who spilt their blood in Iraklion Street, the GOLDEN DAWN of the imprisoned MPs has no relation with all those who seek a seat in this system of cleptocracy. 

In addition, GOLDEN DAWN is a movement authentically popular. The companies of opinion polls prove this fact and note the high rates of our Movement to the working classes, the poor, the unemployed and the farmers. 

From the part of marxists there is the ultimate hatred, with banishments and exclusions. The liberals follow, with the most barbaric option of capitalism, the neoliberals. These are not our only enemies…There are some alleged ideologists and rebels who have the audacity to accuse GOLDEN DAWN, a Movement with SACRED DEADS and imprisoned MPs, of being…compromised! They are nothing more than a part of the system against the Nationalistic Movement. 

A Chinese proverb says that is better to light a candle than cursing the darkness. According to our Hymn, we lighted a fire and this flame is spread throughout Greece and beyond Greece, in every place that Greek hearts are beating, and it shall become a gigantic purifying fire that will completely destroy everything rotten and corrupted in this Sacred land. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn