The “fascist gangs”, the “hideouts” and the “useful idiots” of the globalization-Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Tuesday, 4 September 2018 - 19:33

The “fascist gangs”, the “hideouts” and the “useful idiots” of the globalization-Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Instead of presenting himself as…Saint Paul at Pnyka, the prime minister of Greece presented himself as Ulysses in Ithaca, in order to symbolize the “end of memoranda” which of course exists only in his imagination! However, he forgot the fact that when Ulysses arrived at Ithaca with the help of Goddess Athena had a different appearance.

The new…Ulysses at Ithaca

Tsipras spoke in front of some of his voters commencing with the following words: 

“Today a new day comes for our Homeland. 

A historical day. The memoranda of austerity, of recession, of social injustice ended. Our country is able again to decide for its own future. Like a normal European country. Without foreign repressions. Without blackmails. Without sacrifices from our people.”

So, this is a historical day for Alexis Tsipras and the rest historically and ideologically bankrupt bolshevists of Greece. Of course, the historians of the future will not even write a line in their works about this day…Well, we cannot but admire the audacity of a politician who used to be in the youth of the communist party and claims that there is no more austerity in this country, while the rate of unemployment is radically augmented and our national economy resembles a post-war economy. 

The most absurd, Tsipras claims that Greece is a normal European Country, without foreign repressions, while every national issue in Greece is sold-off. While, the tyranny of globalization is spread throughout the nations.  

From PAX ROMANA to Globalization 

The upcoming world is terrifying. The borders between the nations tremble. The love for our nation is described as a “fanatic utopia” according to the pawns of globalization and the international financial system, who hold in their hands our Homeland, our Dignity, our Honor, our Civilization. 

We live in the era of “globalization”. Those who aim to control our destiny, want to turn the people to a maze of ignorant cowards, who will obey to their orders and will not resist towards the death of the Nations, the death of Civilizations. Our era resembles to the era of PAX ROMANA. The modern Caracalla baptizes everyone as Roman citizen despite their race, their language, their origin, their religion. There is only the “cosmopolitan”. 

In end, PAX ROMANA was shuttered by the barbarian invasions, from the North and the East.  Are there modern barbarians? 

From my point of view, history has her own absurd and paradox pace and thus will always remain unpredictable. They build their own new world indeed, but they build this world on the sand. 

Whether the like it or not, the barbarians will come. In the following years a great conflict will emerge, where the modern barbarians, those who deny the modern world, will lead the modern slaves to revolt towards their global “suzerains”. 

When this war shall arrive? Dead Julius Caesar is present. There is blood and dirt in his wounds. Dead Caesar symbolizes our own dead, repressed, soulless life. We need the new Antonius, who will rise the Nations and the Homelands to react towards the globalization! 

Leftists: the “useful idiots” of the global tyranny

Who are those who fight nowadays the globalization? No others than those hated by the political correctness, the “far-right”, “neo-nazis”, “racists” and “extremes”. On the contrary, the leftists and the bolshevists have become the most loyal soldiers of globalization. In fact, I shall present an excerpt from a book written 20 years ago by the late professor Panagiotis Kondylis: 

“Leftist illusions: Many “leftists”: and in fact many former communists present many logical “arguments” in order to adopt their “progressive views” to the establishment after Cold War. They declare faith to the “Human Rights”, the ideology of their former enemies, and in order to evade their humiliation, the pretend that the “human rights” were invented by the left side. When the left side  in the past, in Russia, could not tolerate the words “human rights”, now the leftists have become the useful idiots of the multinational companies and the American imperialism”. 

A shining example of such “useful idiots” is Alexis Tsipras, who regarding GOLDEN DAWN told the above in his speech: “Democracy was humiliated. Bankers became prime ministers and ministers became bankers. Fascist gangs came out of their hideouts after 60 years.” 

Mr. Tsipras should better not talk about gangs, since he himself protects specific gangs…

Cindering GOLDEN DAWN, we were never hiding, we were never a gang and we did give hope to Greek men and women towards a proud Greece and against an age of corruption and cowardice.   This age has come to an end. Now there is GOLDEN DAWN! 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn