The fall of New Democracy: Down with the Samaras Junta!

Wednesday, 17 December2014 - 13:56

The fall of New Democracy: Down with the Samaras Junta!

A year was all it took to break down New Democracy under the weight of all their serious crimes against Justice and the Greek people. The biggest political crime of modern Greece was the illegal gaoling of the head of the 3rd largest political party and the criminal prosecution of democratically elected MPs. The plan worked perfectly on paper, but in practice, it failed miserably. The schemers thought that detentions and terrorism would suppress the only opposition which fights against corruption, hoping to eventually win back their lost votes.

The cavalier Samaras, who holds a pathological relationship with the powers that be, thought he could openly give unconstitutional orders, giving unlawful commands to ministers while exhausting further an already impoverished people. Remember this time last year, when he swore that elections will take place naturally at their prescribed time (2016) and how reforms (bloody fiscal measures) would be carried out successfully. The entourage of parrots and subject matter experts assured Samaras that the only way to stay in power was to make Greece completely subordinate to the money lenders, and to ensure that Golden Dawn was no longer a threat.

Today, Samaras presents a new image, one of complete tragic failure.  Now he is seen as displaced, sceptical, desperate, and left begging to remain prime minister because he thinks he can still come to an agreement with the troika. Meanwhile, his ministers failed to destroy Golden Dawn, taxes continue to rise, and all the previous allies of Samaras, such as the mainstream media, are now leaving him, seeing that the big sell-off may continue under the alleged ‘anti-memorandum’ Syriza.

The same old tired lines of Samaras, such as ‘growth’ & ‘primary surplus’ are no long working. Samaras no longer convinces his own party, who are now preparing to isolate him as they now perceive to see their ‘leader’ as a complete failure of a Prime Minister who will only bring them a total electoral disaster.

It is therefore only a matter of days before Samaras deserves his rightful place in history with the rest of his failed predecessors. Along with him and his retired colleagues, are the schemers and political criminals. The lid is now open, and we await the final collapse of this dire conspiracy.

Golden Dawn withstood the tests thrown at us by New Democracy, which now falls into the same chaos it created. The upcoming elections will be our victory against the junta of the Memorandum, which will eventually suffer the same fate as the dictator which laid its foundation.

Artemis Matthaiopoulos