The exclusion of Golden Dawn from the leftist public television-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Monday, 24 September 2018 - 23:48

The exclusion of Golden Dawn from the leftist public television-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

83rd TIF-September 11 2018: From the press conference of the Secretary General of Golden Dawn, N. G. Michaloliakos

For second year in a row, violating the law and the constitution, the press conference of the Leader of Golden Dawn, the third political party of the country, was not broadcasted by the public television, which is ruled by the bolshevists of SYRIZA.

Their prefaces about  divisiveness, strikes and many other stuff shows the hypocrisy of syndicate, since these “democrats” silence the voice of Golden Dawn, an elected political party. This proves who the enemy of the system is so all the “wannabe patriots” should better shut their mouth! 

The exclusion of Golden Dawn has no logic reason, since the trial of Golden Dawn exists since 2013, yet the exclusion happened at 2016. What happened in the meantime? To put it simply, GOLDEN DAWN rises and they attempt to stop these growth with some frail tricks. 

Of course, this press conference had an economic aspect, since many proposition about the economic renaissance of our Nation were mentioned, which are also presented in our web page and our newspapers. However, all those who claim that GOLDEN DAWN has no specific positions were ABSENT from our press conference, where they could learn about them. In fact, I present some excerpts from my speech in the press conference, regarding all the major issues of our times.

“Communists made in USA”

“Right now in the city of Thessalonica there are the blue and red stars of the honored country at TIF, USA. Well, I think that Tsipras and his associates, who declare that they are communists and have participated in thousands of marches against the Americans, now are the most loyal servants of the American interests in our countries, at the expense of our national interests.

In fact, we saw live in television our prime minister who used to be a communist to sing along the National Anthem of USA. In few years, they will sing the American Anthem with their hand in their heart…Of course, let’s not forget the dreary partner of Tsipras, Kammenos, who returned immediately the two Turkish soldiers in Turkey, as if our Greek soldiers were never captured in Turkey.

In addition, in his speech in the European Parliament, Tsipras stated: “Racism and xenophobia become apparent in the traditional conservative political forces in major countries. We should not let the European idea get crushed between a disastrous liberalism and a monstrous far right.” The nightmare of Tsipras constitutes the Hope for Greeks! It is about a National Movement that shall make Greece Greek again, in order to take our Homeland back!”

“Preventive censorship”

“In the context of the TIF all the political parties present their points of view. Even the political parties that receive rates of 0.4% or ANEL can present their opinions and be broadcasted by the public television! We fulfilled our duty and sent an extrajudicial document to the public television and we received the following answer: “no television is forced nor entitled to broadcast speeches, images or comportments of political parties that proceed to criminal actions”…

So, the public television predicts that in my speech I shall proceed to illegal actions. Well, this is called preventive censorship and proves that our Homeland is under a regime of red junta, of Stalinism, yet the silence of Golden Dawn is not the only example. In addition, in a small distance, not far from here, the People of Thessalonica were gravely beaten, vowing the words “MACEDONIA LAND OF GREEKS”. Some police officers who disgrace their badge that bears the Greek Flag beaten women and children with no mercy. 

In fact, according to Wikileaks, in a confidential document of the embassy of USA at Skopje, dated at 29/06/2008, the politicians of Skopje demanded the name “Northern Macedonia” and “Macedonian” language and nationality. What Tsipras and Kammenos did? Exactly this. They fulfilled their demands. If Kammenos wanted to, he could have overturn the coalition and annul the Prespa agreement. 

There are, however, the late “defenders of Macedonia” of New Democracy, who think that Greek People suffer from amnesia and have forgotten the fact that 1993 the father of the current chairman of ND had declared that “in 10 years no one will remember the name of Macedonia”. 25 years have passed and everyone remembers the name!”

No compromises for our Macedonia! 

Golden Dawn saluted the “extreme” , those who raise high the Greek Flag that used to and still will defend Macedonia, towards the Slavs. However, Kyriakos Mitsotakis himself stated at the 20th of July of 2018, shortly after the Prespa agreement, at Suddeutsche Zeitung: “I do not like this agreement, but I will respect this decision if it gets validated by the Greek Parliament.” 

What Mitsotakis simply says? That if the Prespa agreement passes through the Greek Parliament, an agreement that was signed at Prespa, the place where the communist Zachariades declared the autonomy of Macedonia and Thrace, that he will respect this agreement. Regarding Golden Dawn, we stand by the side of Greeks that fight with bravery and self-sacrifice all these months against this monstrous treason. 

True Greeks will never accept the existence of a state at their northern borders bearing the name of “Macedonia”. NO COMPROMISES FOR OUR MACEDONIA!

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn