The Ethical Dimension of the Nationalist Political Struggle

Sunday, 16 July2017 - 13:49

The Ethical Dimension of the Nationalist Political Struggle

In a period of moral paralysis and generalized apathy, where the reflexes of society are inactive and society itself is in deep slumber, there still exist, fight and struggle, the soldiers of the National and Social Idea. Political persecutions and miserably orchestrated schemes continue to appear with unabated intensity. The ongoing tragedy of a trial still proceeds without being mentioned in the Media of manipulation of the masses because the prosecution witnesses are constantly undermining their own credibility by making ridiculous statements against themselves or giving revealing testimonies that expose the unfounded and perjured accusations.

The governmental construction unceasingly continues the complete divestiture of public property and the assignment of national sovereignty, and by materializing its devious and unrealistic “ideological” payments, it attempts undeterred to massively “restructure” the Greek society, aiming at its total transformation into an impersonal, multicultural mass, without any collective Identity, national emotion, or collective Memory. The massive invasion of a multitude of settlers under the mantle of the “refugee issue” shapes a grim, profound situation for the future of our country. This is the picture of Greece in 2017. A country disappearing in a methodical way.

The moral extensions of the ongoing political struggle of the Popular Association - Golden Dawn are identified with precision in the rigid will; a factor that emerges directly from two elements: The Value Code and the Conscious Duty of the People of Golden Dawn. Because both the short-term and the long-term political goals of the Movement, elements directly related to the future and the prosperity of the Nation, are above the trivial needs, the various emerging necessities, and any other minor events. And that is exactly what constitutes Ethos, while at the same time it reveals the selflessness which, as a gentle value of paramount importance, entices every manifestation of Golden Dawn's political, ideological and movement activity. Therefore, it is not the conditions that dictate, shape, and affect the struggle of Golden Dawn, but the flame of the proclamation of the National and Social Idea, of the spiritual Regeneration, which simulates as a collective desire to realize common visions and ideals. The declared war against the corrupted system that machinates viciously against us is non-negotiable and our attitude is unwavering. The banners shall not be taken down precisely because of this: We have the moral duty to continue with even stronger perseverance and forcefulness, with stronger vigor, until we completely overthrow and crush the system of corruption. Because the evaluation criterion and the assessment measure of the purity of our Struggle is not the struggle itself, but the results that it produces in conjunction with the ethos and the virtues displayed by those who conduct it. And that is our victory. The continuation of the Struggle. The fact that we’re still standing, after all the obstacles of the past, all the limitations, the unethical persecutions, the media war, and the murders.

Thus, the ideological-political duty of the People of Golden Dawn is NOT dictated by the political or social circumstances, nor some random occurrence, but derives from the consciousness, the moral perception and the value system. By rejecting the deification of individualism, which opposes the collective instincts and is in striking contrast to the essence of our worldview, we are attempting the emergence and revival of those elements that contribute decisively to the exaltation of the ethnic-social forces against the further disintegration of the national and social fabric.

Therefore, there can be no other way than the rigorous struggle of the Nationalists of Golden Dawn, because that is what our code requires. “Our judges shall be the unborn and the dead”.

George Syros