“The entire Greece will support Golden Dawn” –Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Wednesday, 19 July2017 - 10:26

“The entire Greece will support Golden Dawn” –Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

No conviction from no political party for the red criminals

At Monday July 3rd of 2017, took place in the Parliament a discussion among the leaders of the political parties regarding the agreement at Eurogroup of the 15th of June 2017. Of course I delivered a speech and I referred to the issue of the discussion, where I exposed the stance of GOLDEN DAWN that this agreement is one more failure of the coalition adhered to memoranda of SYRIZA and ANEL. I also mentioned the major issue of the criminal and terror attacks against GOLDEN DAWN, where the so called “constitutional” or “democratic platform” or differently the party of the political parties presents a guilty silence and denies to condemn the violence derived by the anarchists and communists. 

Why I referred to this issue? For the simple reason that we are excluded from the channels, the newspapers and the radio stations of the “big bosses”, so I had chance to speak publicly about this issue. So, I talked about these assaults against GOLDEN DAWN in my speech in the following excerpts: 


“Few months ago took place an assault at Marousi by your protected youth. You should at last take your responsibilities. In fact, they wrote slogans on our offices, like “doom for Michaloliakos”, “shovels for Kasidiaris”. These are clear threats of death. No one of you condemned them. 

There was also an attack at our headquarters with axes and hammers. No one condemned it. 

There was also an attack at our offices at Aspropyrgos where three persons were injured. 

Regarding the attack at Aspropyrgos we had sent an extrajudicial document to the ministry of Public Order, to the Police Operations Directorate of the General Police Department of Attica and to the Police Department of Aspropyrgos, where we specified that according to information there will be ab assault against our offices at Aspopyrgos and that lies the possible injure of several persons. So we demanded the implementation of all the necessary measures for the security of our offices at Aspropyrgos of Attica, dating May 17 of 2017. And in a month took place this attack. 

Please include this at the archives.

In this attack there was the bloody face of a Nationalist, a young man beaten with hammers on the head. No political party condemned this. As for the hypocritical, yielding and hostile towards Golden Dawn media, no one went to a hospital. 

Also this document for the archives. 

And here is a woman whose hand was broken with a hammer. These are your comrades whom you vigorously defend. 

Also this for the archives.

Why you do not condemn them? Yet, it is your right to not condemn them. You have not the political audacity to claim that you agree with these actions. To claim: “Yes we are communists and we are glad when they beat nationalists and fascists”. You do not say that. You remain silent.”


“You have turned Greece to the last Soviet of Europe. A recent example is the resolution at the European Union, regarding the repressed human rights on communist China, where this government exercised the veto, so that this resolution will not pass. And how could you behave differently, when even the Prime Minister Alexi Tsipras at his interview at your beloved newspaper “Eleftherotypia”, uttered that he admires Mao Tse-Toung, a great criminal. At the famine of Stalin died eight million in Ukraine. In China died thirty to forty million in the name of the industrialization of bolshevism.”

Veto for China, but a total agreement for the embargo against Russia

“A bloody face, a woman with a broken army with hammer. This is the political violence and its color is red. These are the historical relics of bolshevism who still exist in Greece, and as far as we concerned we fight consistently to prove right the following slogan: “Anarchists and bolshevists you do not own this land!”

You should learn that, this land belongs to Greek people and the avengement of the left side through a marxist relic like SYRIZA, should remain only a parenthesis in the political history of this land. 

And if you are courageous enough, then show your hammer and sickle to the lenders and present your real self. You do not persuade us that you are democrats. We see the exclusion, we see your polemic, you shall not pass. Golden Dawn will become even stronger.”


The previous excerpts were parts of my speech and after this speech spoke the representatives of other political parties and of course of the government, who had the chance to answer to me and even condemn all these actions, something that they did not do and they remained silent. But not only this.

I challenged them, since they do not condemn these action, to confess at least that they congratulate, that they appreciate these attacks. There is no coincidence that in one of these attacks, a family member of a top minister of SYRIZA had participated. Yet, this minister of SYRIZA spoke in the parliament and stated that he is proud of the “antifascist” action of his relative.

Yet, NEW DEMOCRACY, who pretends to be sensitive about the issues of political violence, also remained silent. It seems that the political violence against Golden Dawn is not condemnable…The following excerpts are parts of my reply, where I indicated that there is a political consensus between the political establishment and the red criminals. Of course no one was bold enough to answer me! Well, I stated in the Parliament:

“I said it previously in my speech and I shall repeat it. You have turned Greece into the last soviet of Europe. And it surprises me the fact that is difficult to condemn this atrocity, with the bloody face and the broken hand of a woman. You do not have the political courage to condemn this barbarous act? No.

Of course, I neglect the unhistorical claims of Mr. President that the left side is a peaceful movement that distributed roses, as if we ignore the slaughtering of colonel Psaros, for Meligala. All these do not exist, they are vanished.

Also when people react, you see nationalists everywhere: At Menidi. At Aspropyrgos, at Macedonia, everywhere Nationalists. With the path you are following, the entire Greece will become Golden Dawn, whether you like it or not.”

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn