The entire Greece has become a grey zone! Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Wednesday, 9 May 2018 - 16:54

The entire Greece has become a grey zone! Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Article of the Secretary General of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, at the national newspaper “Empros”

Twenty two whole years have passed since that dreary night of 1996, when in the deep blue Aegean Sea died for Faith and Homeland the three brave men of Imia, whom we honored once again this year, despite the prohibitions of the antinationalists. The sacrifice of those three brave men means NOTHING to those who govern our country, so the ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey stated: “The land, the water and the air at Imia are under Turkish sovereignty”!

As a matter of fact, Turkish media were declaring that Turkish warships patrol around Imia and reassure the….territorial integrity of Turkey! A fact that was totally true…The answer of the bolshevists (same goes for liberals) is just a statement, as if we write History with statements or we defend the borders of our Homeland with empty words.

Regarding the situation at Imia, another incident took place, where two Greek lads raised our Flag in a rocky islet and followed the official statement of the Turk vice president, according to which Turks brought down the Greek flag since the differences in Aegean are clear! Really, why do the vassals are surprised with this? In Greek Thrace Erdogan himself stated that they have 150 disagreements with Greece, clearly meaning the islets that Turks demand from us. 

Yet again, the “evil ones” were the “fascists” of GOLDEN DAWN, who were in fact punished by Voutsis, the President of the Greek Parliament, because they denounced these anti-Hellenic plans regarding our Thrace. The entire Greece has become a grey zone, because Turks do not demand only our islets, our sea, they demand everything from us, for about thousand years till this day.

Greece has turned grey everywhere! A grey zone at our borders with Skopje, a gray zone at Northern Epirus, a grey zone at our schools, where some dreary teachers turn the sons of Greece into grey people, into vassals! Athens and Thessalonica also constitute grey zones, where people live in poverty and emptiness, without hope, without Ideals. 

The entire Greece has become a grey zone and in this gray insidious scenery, there is a shine, an arrow from the sky, that vanishes in the Aegean blue and then a scene of tragedy, a hope for the upcoming days, a coffin with the Greek Flag on it, the only answer in a grey Greece, the only light in the vast darkness of yieldingness.