The elections that… not arrive and the fear towards Golden Dawn! Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Thursday, 13 April2017 - 20:17

The elections that… not arrive and the fear towards Golden Dawn! Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Following the last news regarding the negotiation of the government Tsipras-Kammenos with the international usurers-news that reveal the complete submission of the Greek state to the foreign suzerain and prove that the “red lines” never existed-the situation of New Democracy is now difficult, while of course the situation of SYRIZA and ANEL is evenly difficult. 

For many moths N.D. controlled her political line to according to a story for the arrival of…the elections where N.D. will be the government. It seems, however, that the elections will not come soon, given the new retreat of the current government towards the demands of the foreigners. So, the tale that the members of N. D. used to recite to their audience, that they will be the government, fades away. So, what is expected for N. D. despite her growth at the polls, is the decay, a decay following a stagnant situation. 

All the last polls indicate a large percentage for N. D. and is evident that she will be the first party in the upcoming elections. Yet the point of the decay of SYRIZA is unknown to everyone. If there will be a similar case, like the case of PASOK, then there will be some unpleasant developments for the system!

Maybe their fear, that GOLDEN DAWN might be the second political party, shall come true. 

According to an article at the newspaper PARAPOLITIKA at Saturday April 8 of 2017, which is signed by the journalist Mr. N. Simos, an article with the title “A confidential enquiry”, it is possible that we might see GOLDEN DAWN really high at the upcoming elections…More precisely, the political analyst of the newspaper claims that he holds a confidential enquiry of a large poll company, which contains an alarming parameter. 

He reports more precisely in his article: “…There is the serious possibility that a part of people, exactly because of the feelings of the deep disappointment towards the political system and the insecurity, may aim to vote vengefully, towards extreme solutions. And these solution, according to the pollsters are no other than the recurring at Golden Dawn…” –noting in fact that in the rest of Europe far right movement are growing- or extreme left formations, which usually are present in the elections.” 

The potential turn of the people towards GOLDEN DAWN is not only detected by us, through our tours at cities, villages and neighborhoods, it is also detected by the pollsters. As for the turn at the left formations, according to Mr. Simos, it is not detected, because these formations are already included at SYRIZA.

We should add an important political fact to all the above, which took place the last days. KKE clearly supports euro, while GOLDEN DAWN remains stable at her Ideological and political option for the hard efforts of Greeks for a return to the national currency, a return which is a choice of National Independence. 

So, after the complete turn of SYRIZA towards a harsh capitalism, there is also KKE favoring the Europe of the loan sharks and joining the club of those who are obsessed with euro. Given the fact that there is a strong tendency that in some cases surpasses 40% for turn to the national currency, who else could be favored by this fact than GOLDEN DAWN?

So, not only SYRIZA, adhered to memoranda, but also KKE, turning to euro, both of them signify the end of the left side, while GOLDEN DAWN remains the only representative of the popular classes! If in all these we add the problem of the illegal immigrants, or as you like, refugees, which remains unsolved and worsens as the time passes, then the pollsters and the political analysts have indeed every reason to worry about the growth of GOLDEN DAWN! 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’ s Association-Golden Dawn