The desecration of the Monument of Alexandros Ypsilantis and the attack on National Memory-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Monday, 2 October2017 - 23:34

The desecration of the Monument of Alexandros Ypsilantis and the attack on National Memory-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

The roots of anti-Hellenism are deep

In the Temple of Aghioi Taxiarhes in the Field of Areos in a land dedicated to the Heroes of the Nation there are the bones (which were transferred there from Austria at…1964!) and the Monument of Alexandros Ypsilantis, who first raised the Flag of National Revolution at 1821. Those who desecrated the Monument hate the Nation, know very well what they did and this is not the first time they did something like that.

The statue of Grigoris E’, the statue of Konstantinos Palaeologus, the statue of Kostis Palamas, of Theodoros Kolokotronis and so many other are often desecrated, proving the obvious, that the national identity is targeted literary and metaphorically! What if the statement of the former minister of foreign affairs of USA-that Hellenism should be attacked at its roots- was refuted, the truth is that this statement has become a cruel reality. It is not bizarre the fact that the National Memory is attacked, since those who govern our country are the same who defend those who burn the Greek Flag…

An anniversary and the deniers of our History

Few days ago, took place the celebration of the anniversary of the fall of Tripolitsa in Arcadia. It is about a very important anniversary which constituted the first major military deed of our National Revolution. Do they honor this anniversary? Off course not…

It is not many years ago since the time when Thanasis Triaridis in a newspaper of Thessalonica had been writing that the “Hymn to Freedom” praises the slaughtering of non-combatants, with the example of the fall of Tripolitsa. More or less, he characterized our National Hymn as “racist”. Back then, prompted by his texts, I have written an article that maybe we reach the point where the poetry of Dionysios Solomos will be banned as “racist”!

As a matter of fact, I present to you an excerpt of the article regarding the “Hymn to Freedom” of Thanasis Triaridis in order to make your own assumptions and realize that the denial of History has deep roots. Well, read the opinion of a “progressivist” concerning the History of modern Greek State through an antinational approach of the poetry of Dionysios Solomos. 

“…This persistence of Solomos proves that in the foundation of the modern Greece lie the most radical and racist doctrines. The new “Greek Nation” was built with the fantasy of hatred and horror: from now on “thunders” will fall upon the enemies, the swords of the soldiers “shine-cut” the enemies, while the ancestors like shadows from the earth assist in every slaughtering of “dogs”. (I hope that I do not have to remind again who are considered as “dogs”). 

The rimes 35-73 of the Hymn to Freedom constitute one of the most inhuman and cruel poems of the modern European literature. Of course, there have been poets who supported many murderers and fascists, but personally, I have never read another poet of this scale, to praise in his art the slaughtering of non-combatants by arms slaughterers…”

Marx and Engels for Turkey and 1821

Yet, before these modern desecrators, there were their intellectual ancestors, Marx and Engels, who were clearly opposed to our National Revolution. The information below derive from the book: “K. Marx-Fr. Engels, Greece, Turkey and the Eastern Affair” , Gnosi Editions, Athens, 1985, where the introduction and the translation are from Panagiotis Kondylis. 

Marx himself indicates: “We support persistently the Turkish”. Regarding Engels, li9ke Repousi, Liakos and Gavroglou, denies the national continuation of Greeks and notes: “The Greeks of Turkey are of Slavic origin, who adopted the modern Greek language”. 

This writer, along with Marx, considers that the interests of communism lie with Turkey and notes the following: “If Russia conquers Turkey, then it will become stronger than entire Europe. This would be a great disaster for the case of revolution. The Turkish independence or in case of the devastation of the Ottoman Empire, the failure of the Russian aspiration is extremely important. At this points, the interests of the revolutionary Democracy and England are the same.”

Same goes from the father of left side, Marx: “Constantinople is the eternal city, the Rome of the East… The fight of Western Europe and Russia for Constantinople is centered in a major question, if their rivalry will end in an expansive format… The Sultan keeps Constantinople ion behalf of Revolution”. 

Also, in the same book, Marx accuses Filiki Etaireia and Alexandros Ypsilantis as pones of Russia, whom he considers as the number one rival of the “marxist revolution”. As for Engels, he considers all the people of Balkans, among them Greeks as well, as relics of Nations and sub tribes! This was the philhellenism of the major intellectual fathers of the left side and their stance towards the Revolution of 1821. 

Alexandros Ypsilantis and the anti-nationalists

Well, the roots of anti-Hellenism are deep and its enemy is the spirit of 1821 and Filiki Etaireia. And this is not only about the left side, but also for the occupied by English state that emerged after the Revolution of 1821 and which fought the spirit Filiki Etaireia. It is not only the antinational left side that hates the Sacred Symbols of the Nation and the National Memory, but also the indifferent  right side of the liberals, who consider the National Ideals as a great obstacle towards the domination of the economy.

Many years ago, no one would ever imagine the burning of the Greek Flag in the liberated Greece and desecration of Monuments, Tombs and Statues of our National Heroes, of the great men of Hellenism. Nowadays, all these constitute a dreary reality and the assault on the Sacred Symbols and National Memory is more than evident. The duty of every Greek Patriot is the resistance at this challenge that threatens the existence of our Nation. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn