The “Democracy” of the markets-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Wednesday, 13 June 2018 - 03:06

The “Democracy” of the markets-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

“Liberty, Liberty, your crown rips up and bites the sky
Your light, without burning, makes your people blind.
Gold butterflies, the Americans, estimate how much your divine metal costs.”


The words of the poet for the upcoming days with the domination of money over Freedom, are quite prophetical. Yet, according to red junta that governs our People Karyotakis was leftist! As well as Kostis Palamas, Seferis, Sikelianos and all of them…besides whop of these poets could object them, since they are all dead? 

“Gold butterflies, the Americans, estimate how much freedom costs” according to the lyrics of Karyotakis, who of course, is not leftist, as we are informed by the literature magazine “Odos Panos” in the article of Mr. Karamolegos that he “had right and friendly to the King views”. 

After the Constitutional “patriotism” we experience the times of the “patriotism”…of money!

We experienced the complete domination of money, which does not represent the real economy, in the incidents in Italy. In Italy, Prime Minister Mattarella initially refused to approve the government of the political parties with the overwhelming majority, to support the currency of euro. Here is an excerpt of his statement: 

“There is a majority of Lega Nord and Five Star Movement. I favored their attempts, expecting from them to complete their program and approve the members of these two political parties…Out uncertain stance regarding euro caused anxiety to foreign and Italian investors…I am obliged, according to the Constitution, to protect the savings of Italians.”

In the end, he approved the government of these two political parties and the future regarding the Eurozone and euro remains unknown. Our Homeland is involved in this as well. I notice the following articles regarding the stance of Mattarella:

NEWSPAPER “TA NEA”-PEPI RAGUSI-TWO SICILIANS: “Indirectly for homeland, for the citizens of that country spoke Mattarella, where he announced his denial to approve as a new Minister of Economy a person opposed to euro. “I considered it my duty to protect the savings of Italians” he stated. This is a modern view for the notion of homeland, away from nationalistic ghosts. Because it is about people, not ideologies.”

Discovery! The modern view for “Homeland” is money, banks and this view drives away the…“nationalistic ghosts”! Because according to this point of view, money is “people” and the Nation an “ideology”. Well, behold the ideology of “globalization”. 

Money against the national law

The wise legislator of the Eternal Polity of Sparta, Likourgos, forbidden the existence of gold and silver currency in Sparta. Richard Wagner in his epic trilogy characterizes money as the source of every evil. The prophet of 20th century, Spengler, wrote in the beginning of 20th century:

“The private powers of the economy demand open roads in order to obtain great resources. No legislation must block them. They want to make the laws themselves, according to their interests and for this cause they use their main tool, democracy, the subsided party. The law must resist to this raid, reinforced by a high level of tradition, which is content through the real administration, beyond money. A power can be overpowered by another power and there is only one power left. Money is overpowered by blood.” Oswald Spengler.-“The decline of the West”. 

“Blood”, the Nation, the Homeland, the Tradition against the money and the profit. The law must serve the Ideal of the National State and NOT the rotten theories of a…global community without identity, without civilization, only a vast consummative herd. 

The economy is not our fate! 

Three decades after Spengler, Julius Evola, prompted by the global reality and the alleged opposition between marxism and capitalism, concluded in the reception of the notion that “economy is our fate”. He wrote: “Nothing is more obvious than the modern capitalism being similar to marxism. The material aspect of life is identical in both of these theories. The principals of these theories are based in technology, science, “production” and “consumption”. As long as we refer to economical classes, profit, salaries and production, and as long as we think that the human progress is evaluated by the wealth or the poverty, then we are away from what truly matters…On the contrary, we must reject the view that “economy is our fate”. In a normal civilization, the economic interests will always have a secondary function.”

Of course in a National State a National Economy is indispensable. However, everything is in vain if the economic interests –especially in this fake economy, like the modern financial economy- dominate over the national need for development, dignity and creation.

The resistance and change of this rotting world lies in the denial of the very source of corruption, meaning the domination of material over spirit, economy over politics, markets over National Independence. Greece must live, but no life has value if it is a life at the mercy of usurers. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn