The defeated New Democracy and the sovereignty of the Left - Article by N.G. Michaloliakos

Thursday, 25 April 2019 - 18:35

The defeated New Democracy and the sovereignty of the Left - Article by N.G. Michaloliakos

His Eminence the Metropolitan Ambrosios and the candidate of N.D. Keridis

NEW DEMOCRACY performs a pre-election campaign, and within the framework of its attempt to plunder once again the votes of the patriots and the nationalists – all those who, when defining themselves as Rightwing, they mean that above all they place Greece, the Nation, the Fatherland – it attacks GOLDEN DAWN, having the audacity to claim that there is cooperation between GOLDEN DAWN and SYRIZA! What is the reason? It’s simply because GOLDEN DAWN takes votes away from New Democracy.

But following this logic, New Democracy could be cooperating with SYRIZA because it takes away votes from GOLDEN DAWN! Beyond the sophistry of N.D., to which we can respond with another sophistry, there are real facts. There is the fact that GOLDEN DAWN is fighting against the ethnic nihilism and the Marxist left, when it is known that New Democracy denounces every anticommunist position, and in addition in its ranks there are elements that adopt extreme ethno-nihilistic positions.

A few days ago the former minister and candidate MEP of SYRIZA, Kouroumblis, met with His Eminence the Metropolitan Ambrosios in Aigio and published a photo of their meeting. Rage seized SYRIZA, and first of all Scourletis, whose son has been convicted of attacking the offices of GOLDEN DAWN, where they also wrote death threats on the walls against me and against other MPs of GOLDEN DAWN. And when we brought the matter to Parliament, Scourletis replied that he was proud of his son's… anti-fascist action. Therefore, due to the strong reactions of SYRIZA, Kouroublis had to take down his photos with the Metropolitan Ambrosios from the internet!

During those days, there was the announcement of the nomination of Professor Keridis as candidate for the European elections with New Democracy; a man that is an extreme neoliberal denier of the idea of the nation. From his provocative statements, which would need many pages in order to be written, here’s a characteristic extract: “... we are all children of the Ottomans, whether we like it or not...” “Just like the Greeks, who constitute an artificial nation, so are the Makedonski...” “Macedonia was not Greek, it became Hellenized”! “Let's move on to the third myth about the Greeks having been victims of ethnic cleansing ...”

So what does this candidate of New Democracy tell us? That it is a myth that the Greeks have been victims of ethnic cleansing! He has heard nothing of the 800,000 Greeks who were slaughtered during the Revolution of 1821; he has not heard of the massacre of Chios, the destruction of Psara and Kasos, or of what happened in Asia Minor, and he also denies the Pontian genocide and claims that we are like the “Makedonski”, an “artificial nation”! A people whose simple, uneducated villagers use Homer's three thousand-year-old words in their everyday language, for Keridis of N.D. is only an “artificial nation”!!! However, the purpose of this article is not to denounce Keridis and his views, but to point out the fact that this man is a candidate of New Democracy and this raises some important issues.

There were strong reactions about the meeting of Kouroumblis with the Metropolitan Ambrosios from the newspaper of SYRIZA “Avgi”, the secretary of the party, Skourletis, and many ministers and deputies, such as Sia Anagnostopoulou and many others. But concerning the things that Keridis said and wrote, there was no reaction from anyone in New Democracy, not a word from all those who made “appearances” at the rallies for Macedonia and pretend to be super-patriots and… far-rightists!

From the fact that I mentioned above, it is easy to see that New Democracy is a timid party that is only interested in power and votes; a political party that is totally defeated by the Left, which can only be dealt with an authentic “People's Right”.

This “PEOPLE’S RIGHT” is consisted of Nationalists and Patriots, consciously anti-Communists and anti-capitalists, and besides them there are several thousand proud Greeks, who were once trapped in the left and they are nowadays giving a National battle through the lines of GOLDEN DAWN.

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary-General of People’s League – Golden Dawn