The crimes of bolshevism and the guilty silence of “democracy”-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Tuesday, 5 September2017 - 17:47

The crimes of bolshevism and the guilty silence of “democracy”-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

I intentionally placed the word democracy between quotation marks, aiming to stress that there is no political or ideological relation between the plutocratic parliamentary regimes of the West and the Ancient Democracy of Athens. 

This is in fact an introduction to the political and ideological dialogue that should have taken place due to the denial of the government SYRIZA-ANEL to participate in an international convention under the aegis of the European Union for the crimes of communism! A dialogue that never happened, so there were only lies, aphorisms and cheap propaganda. 

The skittish answer of the “right” wing

New Democracy denounced the absence of the government as a denial to convict the crimes of…Stalinism! Well, this convention was about all the crimes of communism, in general .But N.D. is silent regarding to communism…

On the contrary, in every chance, not only the leadership but also the members-parliamentary or non- do not omit to declare that they honor and respect the struggle of the communists! So, the answer of the alleged right wing is insignificant and skittish. 

They also said that Stalin and communism did not murdered any Greek! Once again, there was guilty silence from the right side. 

But first things first. There were communist those who reinforced the murderer Kemal, who led to genocide and exile hundreds of Greeks in Asia Minor. Under the orders of Stalin there were annihilated at the concentration camps of frozen Siberia and firing squads more than 50 thousand Greeks during the years of the Soviet Union. Those who exonerate bolshevism regarding the crimes against Hellenism are really so ignorant?

Finally, there is the gradual extermination of every Greek with pride for the Nation, from the murderers of OPLA. Massacres took place at Peloponnese, Thessaly, Roumeli from the red tyrants. The “right” wing remains silent, since it aspires the power without considering the bloody History of this land. 

All these happened because of Stalin? The rest of them were innocent? 

Yet, the red propaganda, by playing with words, answers that bolshevism had nothing to do with these crimes, but they blame only Stalin! All these happened because of Stalin? The rest of them were innocent?

Let us observe the bloody History of the occupied by the soviets eastern Europe. With the blessing of the “democracy”, which supposedly fought for the freedom of the people. 

So Stalin is guilty for everything… That is too convenient. You place all of your sins to your “father” and you remain as white as the snow of Siberia, where hundreds of victims of bolshevism and Nikos Zahariadis left their last breath. 

However, when the laborers revolted against communist regime at Eastern Germany and their revolution ended with thousands of dead, Stalin was already dead. Same goes at Hungary at 1956 and Czechoslovakia at 1968. There was no Stalin back then, but there were communist tanks that brought death and exterminated the last for freedom of the people. And there was the West, the notorious “democracy”, which remained silent. 

And do not use the argument that there were some communists that denounced these revolts, but it is evident that that there were sects and groups, which fought each other, so any reaction was not a denouncement of the criminal nature of bolshevism, but an internal problem.

And the separation of KKE was also an internal problem, with the foundation of KKE internal, which had no relation neither with the revolution of Czechoslovakia and the spring of Prague, nor with the denouncement of the red tyranny, which prevailed in the whole Eastern Europe. Proof for that is the fact that KKE internal, whose continuation is SYRIZA, resorted to the arms of Romania, to the arms of Ceaușescu. 

What was Ceaușescu? A democrat? Well, he was a hardcore communist and a tyrant, so do not pretend to be repentant. Is important the fact that many stalinist members of KKE, ended gradually at KKE internal. 

So, no word for freedom, from the part of all those who pretend to preach a communism with a…human face and defend shamelessly the crimes of bolshevism. 

For the…freedom (!) of Poland

They defend this historic legacy with hypocrisy, using frail arguments, without the courage to declare that they do not denounce these crimes, simply because they remain impenitent bolshevists. 

There is no coincidence that many members of SYRIZA of old age studied at Soviet Moscow or at Romania Ceaușescu. 

World War II started with the invasion of Germany in Poland and for the freedom of Poland “democracy” declared war at Germany and thus took place the great massacre of World War II. Yet, when the war ended, “democracy” forgot Poland and delivered it to the Soviet Union of Stalin. 

Never-ending hypocrisy, inhuman ideologies, words with no meaning, this is the History of the counterfeiters. So, we arrived at 21st century, where some people deny with audacity the crimes of bolshevism and the opposite side (allegedly…), New Democracy, is not outspoken. 

Unfortunately for them there people who do not forget. Despite the persecutions, the imprisonments, the assassinations and the conspiracy of silence, GOLDEN DAWN is here and the nationalistic movements flourish throughout the world, in order to remind the real History, the bloody history of bolshevism that people cannot forget. 

N.G. Michaloliakos