The corrupted political establishment of plutocracy and Golden Dawn-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Friday, 22 December 2017 - 20:34

The corrupted political establishment of plutocracy and Golden Dawn-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

In 1968 the people rebelled against the red tyranny in Czechoslovakia. The wind of freedom swept the enslaved Prague. The soviets invaded in this country that wanted to be liberated and eliminated these people. The democrats of the West were silenced…Silence from USA, France, England. Back then, a student, named Jan Palach set himself on fire, in Václvské square in order to resist and protest. This is a sacred place for every patriot of this country.

Bolshevism and capitalism: The two sides of the same coin

Many years after, when bolshevism fell apart and capitalism arrived in the country, a student named Zdeněk Adamec, who was not born when Jan Palach offered his life for Homeland and freedom, also set himself on fire in Prague at May of 2003, leaving behind the following letter: “I cannot stand living in a country with a “democratic” regime, where human being has no role, only the money and its power. I cannot live in a society that feeds itself with cheap television shows”. 

The words of the letter of this Czech patriot remind to me this regime proclaimed as “democracy”, which in reality is a hideous plutocracy. Well, in Greece of SYRIZA and New Democracy the communists govern, yet they implement a crude capitalistic policy!

This is Greece of Tsipras and Kammenos, Mitsotakis and Gennimata. All these pretend to be the leaders of our country, yet none of them is able to offer a vision, a national goal to our people! In fact they have the audacity to denounce the current situation, while it is obvious that they are the guilty ones for everything that happens to our Homeland. 

They pretend they are devastated for the Greek youth who left Greece, while with their memoranda the young people were forced to exile. And is not only that…They pretend to be…patriots (!) surrendering themselves to the orders of the Sultan, who recently visited our country and there was only one voice of resistance, the voice of GOLDEN DAWN! 

The “owners” of the state and the political establishment

From the one side prevails a corrupted political establishment under the service of the plutocrats, who act as if they… (!)own the state. This political establishment has many different shades, from deep red of KKE to light blue of New Democracy. On the other side, against them all, lies the GOLDEN DAWN of Greeks, persecuted, excluded, under pressures, that keeps fighting for Faith, Homeland, Freedom!

They are fighting us by using every means and still GOLDEN DAWN remains in the parliament for 68 whole months, without being concerned with hatred and the war of a corrupted and antinational establishment. The nature of economy is demonic, both in capitalism and marxism, since the center of both of these political systems is the material, the money, while the kings are those who own the money. 

A fight for Greece

There is no place for ideals in this dreary reality that prevails everywhere. However, GOLDEN DAWN not only exists, not only survives, but also becomes stronger throughout the country!

We give battels for the national rights, for Aegean, Cyprus, Macedonia, Thrace and Northern Epirus. WE give battles for a new Greece, where the Turkish president, Erdogan will not lay wreaths with the crescent moon on the Monument of the Unknown Soldier!

Not a single person notified him that the names of the battles that are engraved in the Monument, were battles of Greeks against Turkish, against those who had conquered our Homeland for 400 whole years. Not a single person told him that the fallen men who are honored in this Monument died fighting the crescent moon. No a single person told him about the 38 thousands of Greek soldier who remain lost after the march of the Greek Army in Minor Asia, or about those who died as slaves in Turkey, or those who were brutally executed in the camps of Kemal. 

Not a single word to Erdogan in this failed state. The only who reacted were us, the Greek Nationalists, and this is the reason why the rest of them, these subordinates dared to call us…traitors! 

Despite these polemics, GOLDEN DAWN withstands and grows stronger throughout the country. No matter what they do, they cannot crash us! They never learned that Faith is stronger than fire and that the Ideologists can survive and surpass the traitors, the slaves and vassals.  

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn