The continuation of Greeks through the years-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Wednesday, 4 July 2018 - 01:14

The continuation of Greeks through the years-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

An answer to the antinationalist

Both antinationalist marxists and liberals question the continuation of the race of Greeks. Regarding the agreement at Prespa, the political party “Ouranio Toxo” made a statement where it questions the continuation of the Greek race! Read above:

“Beyond any doubt, it is positive the fact that Greece recognizes the Macedonian language and the Macedonian identity of the neighbor country, but it is sad that she tried to refuse this thing regarding the Greek territory. In this context specific articles of the Macedonian Constitution are being changed for the separation of the Macedonians of the Greek territory and the Macedonians of the Republic of Macedonia and the invocation of the ancient Greece, with which modern Greeks have the same relation with the modern Macedonians. None at all.”

Behind the offer of the name of Macedonia, lies the opinions of the leftists and the liberals of this country. According to this opinion, modern Greeks are not the descendants of Ancient Greeks. We shall answer to them all, since this issue is major and constitutes the core of the National state. 

Was Greece deserted during the Hellenistic period? The science of Genetics

Many people are bothered form the fact that modern Greeks are the descendants of ancient Greeks. Why? Because they know very well that a nation without race can be easily manipulated. For instance the people of United States is called as the American nation. However in no case we can claim that the black, the white and the Asian people constitute a nation. The races in the era of globalization must be destroyed, cease to exist! Why? The answer is at the book of Gustave Le Bon “psychology of masses”: A people conscious of its racial origin is hard to be manipulated”. 

It is a fact that many scholars of the Ancient Greek Civilization claimed that modern Greeks have no racial connection with ancient Greeks. Some were opportunists, like Fallmerayer, while other romantics felt victims of their adoration for ancient Greece, unable to believe that the modern rough Greeks had a connection with the ancient Greeks. Many of them invoked the book of Pausanias, where many Greek places are described deserted from population. So, they thought that Hellenism at that time was…vanished! 

This is wrong and it is wrong because there was never a genocide in our Homeland, so our race could not be vanished. When Pausanias toured in Greece (at the end of the 2nd A.C. century) the population was concentrated in the cities. Like today, most of the villages in Greece are deserted, however the Hellenism is not vanished. 

The major proof for the continuation of the race of Greeks is the comparison of the DNA of modern Greeks with the DNA of the relics of Ancient Greeks. The enquiry of the laboratory of the molecular biology of the Aristotelian University of Thessalonica proved at first place the racial connection of Greeks with Italians, Spanish and French. 

The continuation of the language and the imaginary “cross-breeds”…

The continuation of the Greek language through the years is also another major proof that of the Greek origin of modern Greeks. According to the famous book of Arnold Toynbee, the modern Greek language is closer to the language of the age of Homer, than the modern English language and the language at the age of Shakespeare. In other words, for three thousand years, Greeks changed less their language than the Englishmen did at five hundred years. 

However, we should also answer to those that claim that the modern Greeks are descendants of Turks or Slavs. The cross-breeds with Slavs is questionable whether they are Slavic, since the populations of the Balkans have no anthropological relation with the Slavs and constitute descendants of Dinaroid, Illyrian and Thracian races. As for the Turks, there were not corss-breeds. Turks have Greek blood, not the opposite. 

 The Soul of the race and the Traditions

However, the area where is undoubtedly proved the continuation of the Greek race is the folklore and the religion. These tradition, until the 29th century were present in the everyday life of Greece. However the urbanization and the destruction of the folklore erased everything.

The folklore scholar Nikolaos Politis was the first to prove that the Greeks of the 19th century believed in fairies, ghosts and demons, just like the ancient Greeks did. Why folklore studies prove the connection of modern and ancient Greeks? Because a foreign people, irrelevant to ancient Greeks, could not have the same beliefs as them.

This is proved by the fact that white Australians or white Americans in Oceania or USA, do not have the same traditions with the native people of these continents. On the contrary, their folklore is identical with the folklore of the European countries they originate from.

So, if modern Greeks are not descendants of ancient Greeks, how could they maintain all these ancient traditions, all these ancient beliefs in their soul? 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn