The “Black Friday” of an entire Nation and the roman triumph of Fofi Gennimata-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Saturday, 2 December 2017 - 16:59

The “Black Friday” of an entire Nation and the roman triumph of Fofi Gennimata-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

At Sunday November 12 of 2017 took place the first round of the internal elections of PASOK, where the “barons” of media praised the great attendance to the ballots of the partisans of the “new” PASOK. That was the black Sunday of the political sphere of the country…Few days later and more specifically at Friday November 24, took place the “Black Friday” of modern Greeks. 

In a country that is literary rotting and experiences a harsh economical, moral and political crisis, the herds of the consumers created never-ending queues in front of the stores, waiting to sacrifice at Moloch of consuming, the modern god of the mobs. In fact, with these incident we even wonder of we should really be interested in politics and in everything that takes place in this country! Yet, for us the Nationalists, all these are known. Personally, I had the sad chance at the age of 16 years to observe the queues at the markets, when in parallel the Greek Army was massacred at Cyprus at 1974, so the “Black Friday” of 2017 does not surprise me. We fight for our Nation, we fight for our Pride and Dignity, for our Ideology, not for the mob. 


The day after the “Black Friday”, of this consuming feast, an opinion poll was presented at the newspaper “TA NEA”, according to which the miracles the dreams of this country came to reality! Fofi Gennimata is from now on the favorite politician of the people and PASOK rose from 6% to 12,5%! Relatively to these, our newspaper had published the above, two months ago:

“IN DEADEND THE POLITICAL LIFE: WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 4 2017, ISSUE 1052, PAGE 3: « The big interests want PASOK in governance: from the one side the delay of the election of the leadership of the new…political party, and from the other side the continuous errors of Panos Kammenos create the conditions for this possibility. It is unknown for how long SYRIZA will govern along with ANEL…It is known that the internal and the external interests want PASOK in governance…They aspire in any way PASOK to be the third political party of the country, in the place of GOLDEN DAWN…”


So, we were not surprised at all from the outcome of this opinion poll. It is worth to note that in the editor’s article at the newspaper “TA NEA”, it was written that this rise at 12, 5% was natural, considering the great attendance of people at these internal elections! 

However, everyone knows that this attendance was reinforced by New Democracy, since they understand they cannot steal the votes from SYRIZA so many voters of New Democracy voted at the internal elections of PASOK!

For months in GOLDEN DAWN, according to the estimations of our political structures (Political Council, Central Commission) we knew that this was about to happen, PASOK will gain a double percentage in the opinion polls, but we expected the accomplices of these schemes to be a little more clever. We expected an increase from 6% to 9%, like the opinion poll of SKAI with the professor Marantzidis. It seems though they were impatient, so not only the 6% became 12, 5%, but also they made Fofi Gennimata the most favorite politician in Greece! We speak for a literal roman triumph. In few time, they will even make her Prime Minister.

However, a Prime Minister in the opinion polls...Because we have seen many opinion polls, we have seen DIMAR at 18%, Potami at 15% etc. Though, at the ballots things got different. 


In any case, we are not concerned with the rates of PASOK in the elections. We are concerned only with the Liberation of our Homeland. We do not care about the place of PASOK in the political sphere of the country. WE aspire a Nationalistic Greece, the entire Greece, not just a part of it. 

However, as long as there incidents like the “Black Friday” and the queues, where people are nothing but consuming herds, nothing will ever happen. Only if Greeks awake, our Homeland will be saved. Only then. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn