Terrorizing an entire people: From Rubicon to Boutaris case: Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Monday, 4 June 2018 - 16:06

Terrorizing an entire people: From Rubicon to Boutaris case: Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Since Saturday of 19th May 2018 and for almost a week, the country is under alert. The reason? The famous incident with the mayor of Thessalonica Boutaris, which according to some people was a “fascist attack”! 

For them all the attack are “fascist” and the defenses are…”democratic” or “leftist”, even when the anarchists beat in the University a professor and they take the responsibility and of course they are not fascists or members of Golden Dawn and yet the attack is characterized as “fascist”! No word for the left side, they are angels!

What if Lenin clearly connects the bolshevist revolution with terrorism? It does not matter, not even the fact that Stalin began his career by robbing banks! For all these of course New Democracy is silent, since they are defeated ideologically and politically by the left side!

And the dreary surprise to their sinful system, is GOLDEN DAWN, that dares to speak the Truth, the only national power against the marxist distortion of our History! On the other side, the Boutaris case seems really convenient considering the Macedonian issue….at least according to the bankrupt media of this country.


In case you are ignorant, the new…Pavlos Melas (!), Alexis Tsipras won in his Macedonian struggle and therefore at Friday the 25th of May 2018 during his meeting with the…martyr Boutaris he stated: “Gaining a definition next to the term Macedonia is a great victory and an even greatest victory is the acceptance from both sides that our Macedonia- from the tradition of the ancient reek world- is one thing and their tradition and civilization is another.” 

So, it constitutes a victory the fact that we gave away our name Macedonia, our History and our Soul! However the stance of the SYRIZA bolshevists is totally predictable for us and as a matter of fact read what I stated in the Parliament a week ago, at the 18th of May: “The rumors talk about the “Democracy of Macedonia of Iliden”. Iliden stands for a Bulgarian and Slavic revolution and according to Ion Dragoumes has irredentist meaning. However your tactic is to propose something extreme and then get an agreement that favors you one way or another. This is not your proposal. You propose soothing extreme to end up at Gorna or Nova Macedonia.” We are confirmed once again! 


Constant investigations, examinations of television footage, photographs of members of GOLDEN DAWN among the arrested, all these in order to connect the Boutaris incident with GOLDEN DAWN! Fake news at the internet regarding our MPs Kasidiaris and Gregos…

However, the mass media talked about a “fascist” attack. A “fascist attack” without fascists, but only with a drank man and some young men unrelated with GOLDEN DAWN. Among the mass media the famous journalist Pavlos Tsimas, who used to advise people to eat vegetables form Chernobyl because there was no danger! 

In this ambiance, we have to talk about the famous Rubicon and in general the red terror that has murdered tens of Greeks during the last years. We remind you that few days before the big rally for Macedonia at Athens at the 4th of February 2018, a top member of Rubicon wrote at Facebook that “there will be blood”!

So, the Prosecutor at Arios Pagos at the 1st of February ordered an examination for this incident. Four months later nothing has happened. Is this a state with laws? Or this is a state where the governors whether with Rubicon whether with police operations aspire to terrorize people? Maybe the answer to this question lies in the article of the newspaper “KATHIMERINI”, published at the 27th of May 2018 with the title “From Kontonis to Rubicon”, where Mr. Kontonis characterized some of the actions of Rubicon “within the law”. 


In accordance with Kontonis (the Minister of Justice), the minister of SYRIZA Spirtzis, who stated that was never at…PASOK, he was always socialist! Well, Mr. Spirztis stated at the journalist of Alpha Channel Mrs. Papadakou that the activism of Rubicon is one thing and the ideology of violence is another! Just to remind you one thing, shortly after the national rally in Athens at the 4th of February 2018, two young militaries at Monastiraki were gravely injured with hammers and crowbars, yet we never learned about the offenders, like in the Marfin case… It seems that the cameras have political beliefs… 

On the contrary, at Mytilene, where people protested for the visit of Tsipras, the cameras perfectly their job and there were immediately arrestments and trials! So the government works both ways. On the one hand lies the terrorism through parastatal gangs like Rubicon. On the other hand lies the police repression for those who dare to protest against the government!

Towards this operation of terrorism of an entire people, New Democracy is nothing more than a fable observer. It seems that the greatest fear of SYRIZA is the wrath of the people and incidents similar to the incidents that led to the destruction of PASOK at May and June 2012. 

They know every well that this is their fate, since they were protagonists in many similar incidents…So, it is only natural to send their wrath against the liveliest part of Greek People, GOLDEN DAWN, which is the only National Opposition towards this nationally dangerous government. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn