Syriza to the intentional loan sharks: “Syriza has no plans to take unilateral action”

Monday, 5 January2015 - 11:05

Syriza to the intentional loan sharks: “Syriza has no plans to take unilateral action”

Tsipras is on a mission now to assure the Greek people that he will keep to their understanding of Syriza’s initial goals in order to remain ahead in the polls. At the same time, he needs to settle the markets to ensure that when he does take over, the international loan sharks are satisfied that he will do their bidding in order to remain in power.  This of course, is a natural step as the international loan sharks have already refused to discuss further Samaras, as they consider him already deposed, having groomed his successor for the next phase in the sell-out of Greece.

Earlier this week, we see the first statement from German Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, who says to Syriza ‘We will continue to assist Greece in the way of hard reforms. New elections do not change the Greek debt. Each new government must respect the agreements reached by its predecessors’.

The Germans and EU are making it very clear to Tsipras that the Memorandum is here to stay. Instead of holding true to his original plan that was sold to the Greek people, Tsirpas appoints MP Stathakis to assure the International Loan Sharks that it’s all under control:

"The deal with SYRIZA will be comprehensive and will cover both the impairment of debt to sustainable levels, and the replacement of the memorandum with an economic program oriented towards the recovery of the Greek economy and the alleviation of society. SYRIZA insists it has no plans to take unilateral action, as we consider that the proposals that we carry is beneficial for all parties involved".

In other words, Syriza will be happy to figuratively tear apart the ‘memorandum’ as a public magic trick to the Greek people, and replace it with essentially the same thing which will most likely only have a different name (we suggest the memorandum 2). The fact that Syriza does not take unilateral action, shows the money lenders that they know who is in control, much to appeasement of Syriza’s puppet master financiers.

Under Syriza, the memorandum is here to stay, regardless of what Tspiras decides to rename it to. The sell-out of Greece, and harsh economic measures used to oppress the Greek people will continue under Syriza, who much like the rest of the socialists, only serve the international money lenders.