September 2013-Four years later! From the cells of the counter-terrorism service to 2017-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Thursday, 12 October2017 - 18:22

September 2013-Four years later! From the cells of the counter-terrorism service to 2017-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Four years have passed since the day when the sinful regime started a total war against the movement of GOLDEN DAWN, a war continued till this day. We stand towards this war with Faith, Struggle and determination, knowing that what does not destroy us makes us stronger!

It was the 28th of September, when the men of the regime took me with cuffs from my residence, so in this tempest, in the cells of the counter-terrorism service I sent a hand written message to all the Comrades of Golden Dawn.

“There will be justice…We wrote History and no one can take that away from us”

The following is an excerpt of my message to those who remain loyal to their Flag:

“Athens, September 29 2013, Dear Comrades, I am writing to you from a cell in the prison. For twenty years there was an extensive article in the last page of our newspaper. This week I did not get the chance to write this article due to force majeure. 

I heard your proud and unenslaved voice in this cell, where I reside UNJUSTLY, because I DARED, we DARED to raise our voice towards the occupation of our Homeland…

Be LOYAL and PERSISTENT and in the end justice will emerge, because we stood TALL in an age of SLAVERY, because it was our DESTINY to become in these difficult time the consciousness of the Nation. 

Whatever is the end of this dark story, it is certain that US, the Comrades of Golden Dawn we wrote HISTORY and no one can take that away from us.”

In our persecution an important role played the foreign interest and some perjurers, who violated the Constitution and the laws and others, who pretend to be “sensitive” about the political and personal rights, yet they not only remained unconcerned but also they agreed with this persecution, since they were politically favored. The former minister of Justice, Roupakiotis, in an interview at SKAI revealed the political motives of our persecution and stated that “there was a political administration in a judicial field”. More precisely: 

“Jewish-American and Greek-American organizations arrives at Greece and persisted for Golden Dawn, and this was critical, the Prime Minister had to answer them something… The European partners also insisted about Golden Dawn…”

In the prison of Korydallos

During the first days of October I reside in the prison of Korydallos, along with Comrades Giannis Lagos and Christos Pappas, where I write an article for our newspaper. I would like to present you an excerpt from this article, in order to realize that there are things in this absurd country, with the opportunism and the cowardice, that never change.

Well, I wrote in a cell of the prison four years ago: 

“IN THE CELLS OF HONOR: I was destined after 33 years to end up again in prison, before the rails of a cell and write words in a piece of paper. Back then I was a young rebel and now the head of a group of 18 MPs of the Greek Parliament. The difference is small…When the establishment feels the danger of IDEAS, then everything else are details. Even our POLITICAL persecution is a details for those who hold the power in their hands…

They accuse us of being a…criminal organization without proof, without nothing. In reality, our major CRIME in this corrupted country is the fact that we had the courage to vow in the walls of the Parliament that the thieves must go to the jail…Our major crime is that talked about NATION, HOMELAND, HONOR in this era of globalization, in the era of degeneration and decay and our most important crime is that a crucial part of Greek People embraced us and still do, hundred thousands of PROUD GREEKS, who stand by us in the Idea of Truth, in the cells of Honor…

They must realize it, they are not done with Golden Dawn. Golden Dawn has taken roots in cities and villages, in streets and squares, in young hearts and aged adolescents.”

Four years of persecutions, Faith and treachery 

I cannot forget those who stood by me all these four years and especially during the 18 months, the 540 days of my imprisonment. However, I cannot forget those who celebrated and I do not mean the bolshevists and the liberals. I mean those who pretend to be patriots, who thought that Golden Dawn was done and that a bright future lies for them in the political sphere!

Well, they were wrong and is really ridiculous the fact that some of those today are concerned about the future of GOLDEN DAWN and advise us to change and let the door open for them. They were wrong and we do not forget that. 

We do not forget anything. Why do not forget their celebrations. We only feel magnanimity for those who without ulterior motives, just proved to be unable to follow us in the difficult path of our struggle and silently left. Fear is human and we understand this. 

Of course, nowadays, in the printed and the internet press, some people audaciously accuse me of being compromised! It is a possibility that among them exist some naive people, but in reality these people are nothing but traitors who attempt to vanish GOLDEN DAWN. 

Four years passed since the day when the treacherous political establishment put handcuffs on us. Four years that prove that they could not and cannot end us. And that is because Ideas are stronger than Fire! With the words “Everything for Greece” we keep marching to our greater cause: THE GOLDEN DAWN OF HELLENISM! 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn