Samaras signed his political end with the non acceptance of Mrs. Dora: Dating in September…

Tuesday, 29 July 2014 - 12:00

Samaras signed his political end with the non acceptance of Mrs. Dora: Dating in September…

The last act of his short political life signed Samaras to throw down the gauntlet to Mrs. Dora to the battle of succession.

The low record by the New Democracy after the scheme that was set up against the Golden Dawn and the massive leak of votes for the Greek nationalist movement in conjunction with the loss of starting from nonexistent Tsipra, mark the forced change of leadership in the right parties.

The choosing of Samaras to turn his back to Dora, choosing Mr. Avramopoulos for the commissioner instead of Mrs. Bakoyannis and rekindle the party matters forehead is essentially the admitting of defeat motion. It may the mission of Mr. Avramopoulos in Brussels to release him from an ambitious dauphin, but from the other hand, it leaves the whole field open to the supporters of Mr. Mitsotakis and Mr. Karamanlis to overthrow the failed and spacer President.

It is no secret that Mrs. Dora Bakoyanni "nibbled" even before the failure of elections the chair of Samaras, talking about shrinking the party. After the European elections she did not go straight to question, but she expected the upgrading either through the reforming or through the selection of a commissioner.

Eventually Samaras guided by the real president of the coalition Venizelos, chose to come to straight rupture with her, although she transmitted back to all tones that: "It was for her a place of honor her position of commissioner".

The answer of Dora to the challenge of Samaras was simple and clear: "We will be back in September"! It is clear that the succession procedures have been initiated and if held, as all show under the weight of developments, national elections in autumn, this will be the last showdown which will be led by the traitor Samaras.

Do not consider this unlikely that the New Democracy come down in elections chaired by Dora, changing president just before the debacle, as it did in 2004 PASOK with Mr. Simitis who handed to Mr. George Papandreou to handle defeat.

And after the elections with the lost of the ND, but with President Dora opens even easier the way for the great coalition of memorandum ND - Syriza.