Samaras Regime Helping Leftists: Legalizing Illegal Immigrants to Vote!

Thursday, 20 November2014 - 14:22

Samaras Regime Helping Leftists: Legalizing Illegal Immigrants to Vote!

Samaras is rushing to implement the final blow to Greece before the inevitable collapse of his regime.

Some time ago, an attempt was made to give citizenship to illegal immigrants. The attempt failed because the Greek constitution explicitly states that citizenship can only be passed through biological descent. This is known as “jus sanguinis”. The courts rejected this attempt because of the law, which was a huge slap in the face to the Anti-Hellenic forces.

This had huge political costs for Samaras combined with the presence of Golden Dawn. It stopped the New Democracy/PASOK scum temporarily but now the forces of globalization are trying again. They desperately need “new voters” and now even the far left Marxist party ANTARSYA will be voting on the same side as New Democracy in order for them to get more votes. 

If you read the two previous blog posts below on this website regarding Australia, you can see the alliance of two supposed bitter political enemies joining against Golden Dawn. On one hand you have wealthy ANTARSYA supporter Alex Kakafikas, while on the other hand you have wealthy New Democracy supporter Nicholas Kotsiras working together. 

The past narrative from leftists has been that Samaras is a “fascist” helping Golden Dawn for his own purposes. Now the lies of the leftists have been blatantly exposed. No difference can been seen, except for the choice of lies.

So now the ministry of interior is preparing a new bill which is essentially a copy of the last one, this bill seeks to bypass the constitution (even if temporarily) for illegal immigrants to vote. The new bill will give citizenship to illegal immigrants, provided if they vote in the next election, are over 18 and have enrolled in 6 years of Greek school (that’s enrolled, not completed).

There are literally thousands of Greeks in the Diaspora who have been denied or delayed getting Greek citizenship on technicalities. Meanwhile, illegal immigrants smuggled in by Turks will now receive citizenship immediately if this bill passes! Greeks in the US, South Africa, Canada or Australia are often denied because of mispellings on documents, divorce of a parent, missing registration or other things.  Some racially Greek people are never denied, but instead delayed until they give up because the PASOK/ND office workers considered such things low priority.

So this is life under Samaras, the best friend of the communists. In a short time he has moved to sell off the name Macedonia to the Bulgaro-Slavs in Skopia, bow down to Turkish aggression in the Aegean and now unite with communists to legalize illegal invaders.  This is what a “conservative” is today.