Samaras big fiasco

Thursday, 6 November 2014 - 16:52

Samaras big fiasco

The slaps for the prime minister Antonis Samaras are continuous. After the rejection who has received from Merkel and Karamanlis, Samaras played it all with hiw meetings at the presedential palace with Papoulias. There for two or three months still the prime minister has set up an entire communication show trying to trap Alexis Tsipras in concession in order to avoid primary elections.

Τhe political game that ended in another great fiasco began on friday when has arranged the  sworn of the ministers Dendias and Skrekas and the meeting of Samaraw Papoulias. Afterwards immediately syriza provides a meeting with Papoulias and Tsipras for 14 45 of the same day. The basement of maximou unable to accept that Alexis Tsipras would have the last word changed the time of the swearing and carried it for yesterday afternoon. But the most important thing of all is  that Samaras tried to lure concession in the name of the presidential election next march, to avoid national elections and to stay to maximou for a few more months to complete the betrayal of the country and to remain prime minister at every cost.

Of course Alexis Tsipras not for national reasons but for self reasons is not make any consent to anythingsince he has got the ok for the international moneylenders to drive this country to national elections and as it will be the first political party to deal the pie as he wishes. So when Papoulias told Tsipras about consent in front of the cameras he didnt respond but nervously played with his fingers. At the meeting which took place behind closed doors Papoulias explained Samaras that Alexis Tsipras does not make any step back. so the prime minister heard the phrase that despies from Papoulias, that he is over!

Culmination of yesterdays fiasco was the Samaras tragic statements outside the presidential building where with trembling voice and very agitated appealed to everyone to leave him to finish the mascarade.

Arrived to the point to say that the Greek people dont want elections, a miracle will occur and Greek parliament members with... defection they will elect the president. We have come a long way, a way too much he said in front of the journalists ready to collapse

The final shot has given to Samaras today by Dora Bakogianis who emptied him for one more time by saying that for major political issues all the political leaders have to be present and of course with the participation of Alexis Tsipras. Dora Bakogianis at this moment showing more confidence to Tsipras than to prime minister Samaras.
Soon the free elections and the rise of Golden Dawn in the place of the opposition will be the political grave stone of Samaras tratory politics