Sadly for the guilty establishment that led our fatherland to bankruptcy there is still our Youth!  Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Wednesday, 8 May 2019 - 10:23

Sadly for the guilty establishment that led our fatherland to bankruptcy there is still our Youth!  Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Article of the Secretary General of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, to the national newspaper “Empros” (Forward) 

Those who form the policies of New Democracy know very well that there is not a single trace of truth in their rumors about a «collaboration» between GOLDEN DAWN and SYRIZA and, yet, they insist on these policies! They insist in these policies because for them the political sphere and the elections have no moral aspect, since their only objective is  domination!

The major director of this filthy propaganda is the close partner of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Theodorikakos –a former leading member of the Communist Youth of Greece- who recently stated: “The trial of Golden Dawn is not yet over because its continuation favors the political interests of the government. Yes, I clearly say that they do not want the end of this trial. They are audacious enough to accuse New Democracy for far right policies, even though they collaborate with this far right construction”. There is no need to give an answer to a man who formed his political beliefs through bolshevism, yet now he is a member of the liberal party of New Democracy…

Of course, New Democracy insists in the lies and mendacities about the trial of Golden Dawn, prompted by the raw intervention of SYRIZA in the trial, with the visit of the former member of the communist youth Peristera Baziana in the court. Well, the statement of New Democracy as follows: “SYRIZA offered one more gift to the leadership of Golden Dawn who is on trial. They characterized as “political” the trial of Golden Dawn and consequently they completely agreed with the defense of this nazi organization that claims that the reasons behind this persecution are no criminal offences but political interests.”

Really, a trial where the deputies of Golden Dawn where broadcasted in all the channels with cuffs in their hands on their way to jail, has no political interests? Even your former Prime Minister Samaras, as well as your current chairman have stated that they “put Golden Dawn in jail”. Doesn’t this statement equals with the acceptance that this persecution is first and foremost political? 

Sadly for you GOLDEN DAWN is “not over” according to the wishes of Samaras in the video of Baltakos…Sadly for you GOLDEN DAWN has a bright future, as it is evident in an article of the webpage (keen to New Democracy) with the title “Kyriako (the chairman of ND) talk to the young” where we read this excerpt: “what the politicians have to say to the young citizens, the most important part of the Greek society, since their arguments are mostly directed to the pensioners? Unfortunately for democracy, there are only two political parties presenting a persuasive rhetoric towards the youth: KKE and GOLDEN DAWN. This is proved by numerous opinion polls regarding the intention of voters under the age of 20.”

What can you answer to the writer of this article? Nothing! Sadly for you and your plans –along with the plans of SYRIZA- GOLDEN DAWN grows more popular among the youngsters of 17-34 years old, a fact illustrating that tomorrow belongs to us… In Greece filled with slaves and traitors a new sun is rising!