From Kolokotroni Square to Mesogeion Avenue 131-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Wednesday, 7 February 2018 - 16:30

From Kolokotroni Square to Mesogeion Avenue 131-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

The Nationalists will be present in any place, in order to honor the Heroes of our Homeland

At February 3rd Golden Dawn honored the three Great Fallen at the night in Imia. Back then, three Brave Officers of the Greek Navy gave their life to keep Aegean as Greek Archipelagos! Turkish, ever since till today, question our national sovereignty and those who govern our people keep talking about a “Greco-Turkish friendship”, which does not exist and never did. The current situation remind us of the poem of Kostis Palamas “The Twelve Words of the Gypsy”.

Erdogan once again mentioned the Lausanne Treaty

At the conference of the youth of his political party, Tayeep Erdogan, regarding his political rival, the chairman Kilinstaroglou, stated: “If you ask Kilinstaroglou, he will say that we won at Lausanne. And then he blames our political party for the islands. You gave those islands! It was you! The leaders of your political party gave them! And now I prepare the historical archives. They will include the Lausanne Treaty. And then I will bring them in front of them and the nation and then we will explain these to them”. Erdogan wants our islands and mentions Lausanne again, but it is not his fault…

If not for the political division in Greece, the Greek Army would march in Eastern Thrace, according to the military plans and then Greece would have been even bigger and stronger! Kemal had not a single boat, nor ships to conquer our islands, neither army to pass through Eastern Thrace. I repeat: This eternal political division brought the catastrophe in our lands!

The History of an assemblage

The first assemblage at Imia took place outside of the Greek Parliament at the 31st of January of 1996. Since 1996 and for almost ten years this assemblage was taking place at Kolokotroni Square, next to the statue of Theodoros Kolokotronis. Afterwards there was always a vigorous and passionate march. Many times they tried to stop us with counter-protests and prohibitions. They could not make it! At 2009 we decided to organize this assemblage at the Monument of Imia at Rigillis Square. That became the place of the assemblage until 2015. In fact, at January of 2013 thousands of men and women arrived in the area and took place the largest nationalistic assemblage and march since the political changeover! The system was frightened…So, we ended to the political conspiracy of September of 2013, at the imprisonments and the murders. For seventeen whole years from 1996 to 2013 I was present in this event and honored to be the one who encouraged everyone to keep a moment of silence in Honor of the Fallen Heroes. However, at 2014 I had not this opportunity…

A message from the prison at Korydallos

The January of 2014 was the first year I was absent from this assemblage. However, my soul was there and I sent a message from the prison, a message for the great day of Greek Nationalism, for this special assemblage, which raised an entire Movement. Truth is, for years the red flags with the hammerhead prevailed in the streets of Athens, Well, only with Golden Dawn the squares and the streets were adorned once again with Greek Flags and Nationalistic Banners. In January of 2014 I show my “presence” in the assemblage from the prison in Korydallos, with the following message:

“Dear Comrades, I warmly salute You all, from the cells of their democracy. Not only I, but all of our Comrades who are now in jail because of the antinational regime of memorandum, salute you. We are ALL proud because we did not bend the knee, we remain STRONG, loyal to the Idea for a new Golden Dawn of Hellenism. Be aware that all of us right now are among you, in the Monument of Imia, now that you are raising the Flags with the meanders, the Greek Flags and the torches, towards another Greece, the Greece of the unenslaved Nationalists...”

“Every land is the grave of glorious men”

At 2015, once again for the cells of honor, I sent my message to my proud Comrades, who were assembled in Rigillis Square. At 2016 I was liberated but SYRIZA managed that year and the next one, 2017, to send his ruffians to organize counter-protests and prohibit our assemblage. So, our assemblage took place at Mesogeion Avenue 131, outside of our headquarters. Pericles, still reminds us that “Every land is the grave of glorious men”. They ignore that the more you hit the steel, the harder it gets. From Kolokotroni Square, to Rigillis Square and now to Mesogeion Avenue and, if needed, in any place, we will always be present to honor our Fallen Heroes, raising our Flags and lighting torches for the souls of the Brave Men who fell for the Glory of our Great Nation! 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn