Revealing article of the “EMPROS” newspaper about the grey operated court circle of Lesvos

Thursday, 6 November 2014 - 12:52

Revealing article of the “EMPROS” newspaper about the grey operated court circle of Lesvos

Their “eclectic associations” with the two sons of the Vice-Attorney General of Arios Pagos, Charalambos Vourliotis, they have used repeatedly members of the so called “anti-authority” movement, (i.e. anarchist) in Salonica, in order to be released after violent incidents they caused in Salonica. Police and judicial sources from the co-capital, where for a number of years was heading as the Attorney General of first –instance the “communist born” persecutor of Golden Dawn, with profound disgust report continuous interventions in their work, from not only the so called of full integrity judicial official, but also from his close associates.

It is not coincident that in the city of Thermaikos gulf, every time there are arrests after attacks of the non-parliamentary left, most of those that are arrested by the police, are freed without even a restraining term. Born in the so called “little Moscow”, in Lagatha of Mytilini, the judicial official has provoked the society many times with his decisions in the co-capital, and the same in Larissa where he served before.

Ex member of the Parliament, who has been called repeatedly to testify, when as a reporter was talking for the “betrayal of Greece from its citizens” has negatively reported tha he has ”very peculiar persistent ideas, positions and views regarding national matters” But also officers of the EL.AS (Hellenic Police), who have been degraded from the same official, that they participated in a “feast” for 21st of April, in a a forest in Thermi of Thessalonica, they can’t forget that, he let all information of the case he had comprised without any evidence himself, to the press in order to defame them to their co-associates, to their families and to the Society. Finally, when other higher than him judicial associates characterized his report as “childish”, all officers were cleared of all charges against them. It must be noted that Vourliotis had proposed to be thrown out of police service for imaginary violations. 

Something like that happened also in the Golden Dawn case, where in a record time of 6 days, he went through 32 judicial cases, took depositions from false witnesses who coincidentally all of them happened to be members or supporters of New Democracy, “evaluated and used raising the secrecy of telephone communications” illegally since most of the recorded conversations are of personal interest discussions. All these together with the non-existent  “secret” constitution of Golden Dawn, which is a word to word copy of text written by journalist Demitris Psarras who has been a leftist against any nation values which he degrades them down to zero, they became the hollow accusation text against Greek nationalists, who were jailed illegally under the orders of Samaras and Athanasiou team.

In any case, a place must be given to him in the Guinness record book, since never before in the world court chronicles, no one succeeded to such an achievement. Or at least, an award for his superhuman effort. Obviously his without ending dynamic effort is sourced to the fact that he was just promoted to be the Vice- Attorney General of Arios Pagos, and was urgently transferred from Salonica to Athens. “Coincidental” was also the fact that little after receiving his new duties. On September 16th of 2013, his first case was to be that of Golden Dawn.  Chance of luck we would call it.

As randomly chanced was his decision not to extradite to Cyprus the ex-Chief of National Guard, Petros Tsalikides, who is claimed to have heavy responsibilities for the lethal explosion, which took place in July of 2011 in the naval base “Evaggelos Florakis” in the Mari location of the Great island. In contrary with the Greek Military Justice that accused Tsalikides with counts for the death of 15 people and the injuries of 60 people, Vourliotis rejected the relevant request of the persecution authorities. The only son of the professional driver John Vourliotis from the “fully red” Lisvari and of Niki Vourlioti from the “communist mother” Lagatha, he was for a number of years on the side of the “atheist” Minister of Justice Michalis Sthathopoulos and later to his successor Filippos Petsalnikos.  

Curiously again the court report against the last one for the scandal of many millions of euros, called as “Park of National Reconciliation” on Grammos mountain has been somewhere lost. He, when is not going to Salonica to see his wife professor and his two sons, from who, one is a teacher of MIS and the other a gymnast, he prefers to hold company only with judicial members from Mytilene. As with the minister of justice Athanasiou, the Attorney General of Arios Pagos Efterpi Gotzamani, and the honored ex vice-Attorney general of Arios Pagos, Vasilis Markis. All originating from Mytilene. The latter who is also Chairman of the commission for the change of Penal Code, is known as the “forward-backword”of his  attitude in the case characterizing an organization as criminal with the purpose of money profit, as the Palermo accord states, which our country has signed. 

Journalist who works in Lesvos, has recorded in his column in local newspaper that his mother calls as “scum the members of the Golden Dawn etc.” The same view hold her two grandchilds  who live in Salonica, and who keep company on a daily basis with the “bahalakides” (anarchists), who are based and commence attacks from Aristoteles’s University

For those who wonder for Dogiakos role in the case of Golden Dawn, maybe we will be able to provide some very interesting answers, going back in the recent past of this worthy gentleman. We read from “Rizospastis” on the 22 December 2001:

Reason for “war” between the leaderships of PASOK and ND has been in the past the “Dogiakos report” relevant to the naturalization of foreigners that was illegally done, and was given to publicity by the Chairman of the Parliament. Like “being ready for a long time” the government spokesman left very clear insinuations about the Prosecutor in his relationship with ND, as much for the time chosen for the report to be given, and much more for the contend of the report” Especially for the contend of the report he mentioned that  “this prosecutor has adopted without scrutiny all the relevant information questionnaires of ND, for which you know they have received full answers from the government in parliament”. Mr. Dogiakos, stressed the government spokesman , “asks for responsibilities in the period from 1996 forward, when himself accepts that most of the cases of naturalization have been made in the period 1990-1993. Christos Protopappas insisted for the existence of political interests on behalf of the prosecutor stressing that: “every time the government is bothered then it throws mad to the justice system”.


A man of “Special missions” for ND is Mr. Dogiakos. – The “love affair” with ND is lasting for years.

From the Ministry of Press & Means of Mass Information, we read on December 21st of 2001 that Ch. Protopappas reports: “From the Dogiakos document, there are created for one more time serious questions for the existence of political purpose, as much for the time chosen for the report to be given, and as much for in relevance with its contend” . And he continuous: “Second, the contend itself reinforces these question marks. So a question is born: How come there are not any responsibilities for a specific period where without in essence any parliamentary legal frame, without any parliamentary legal power of attorney, but with only a ministerial act, there have been 58,000 naturalizations, and in opposite the report refers to one specific period, whereas the responsibility of naturalizations has even been passed to the municipalities? The report overpasses with very authoritative way, time lapses where specific parties hold the government and ruled”!  

And there interferes the journalist Ch. Mourtzis, who asks: “Excuse me Mr. Minister, do you doubt the integrity and the scientific capacity of Mr. Dogiakos?”. In order to receive the blunt answer of Ch. Protopappas: “I support my original statement. I said that there are created questions regarding political purposes”!

And there is Reppas against Dogiakos

Let us see the statement of Demetris Reppas for Mr. Dogiakos. He states amongst others: “It is for the first time that a judicial official acts – this the critisism that I place- instead of reading all relevant documents of the Parliament, he proceeds in conclusions, without leaving the parliament itself to evaluate the material and to express the first worthy evaluations and take decisions upon them”. And he continuous, “No one can accept the acts of a prosecutor who forms views and accuses with nonexistent evidence, with inclusion in his report, of court decisions that have been cancelled, or have been disqualified by the second degree court”.

From what Mr. Reppas said, any one can realize the provoking Dogiakos “interference”, in political matters totally out of his jurisdiction, with direct interferences on behalf of ND.  Interferences that have made the Ministers and deputies of PASOK furious, and who doubted directly his integrity.  In addition it is and old fact for mr. Dogiakos not to hesitate to accuse on basis of nonexistent evidence. (As Mr. Reppas sais). “ By cutting and “knitting decisions of courts which have been disqualified in the second degree” as he thinks and he likes.” And the thunders of Reppas continue to fall upon the back of the exemplary official of Themis!

“Ladies and gentlemen, in order to reveal where Nea Dimocratia is driven, blind from its party desire, it is worth mentioning that: “In the so called results report, mr procecutor reports as illegal the contractual agreement, made between the private entrepreneur with EPO, the Hellenic Football Association, which is legal society of the private law. The State has absolutely any participation in this other than to finance the society every year with a respectable sum. New Democracy in her proposal omits cleverly this fact. On the other hand though it adores the prosecutor who has done such a good job”! 

And he continuous: “ If this is your prime example for prosecutors, associates of New Democracy, you can write down one more difference in the many that exist between us...”! Not only simply this as it is clearly proven is their “prototype” for prosecutors and in their view the ideal one, but they would very much prefer all the prosecutors to be similar to the Dogiakos “model”, If that could happen “the independent” justice would not be a distinct indipented authority, but one more “side-store” of New Democracy.

A fact, that beyond Mr. Samaras, would have made particularly happy also the now bitter Mpampis, who for months is trying to form against Golden Dawn, a prosecution that can stand even remotely in a parody of a court, but to this point, he is still dependent  on lunatic “accusations” of drug addicts, jail convicts, and deteriorating pedophiles as witnesses...!!!