Resistance and counterattack against the hatred of the…”anti-fascists” - Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

Monday, 1 April 2019 - 20:07

Resistance and counterattack against the hatred of the…”anti-fascists” - Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

The “national-patriot” enemies of Golden Dawn are not a problem for the system

On Saturday, March 16, 2019, we once again experienced, the absolute hatred of those who are supposed to fight against hatred, of the professional anti-fascists and anti-racists, who, under the support of the oath-breaking police, tried to ban the legal public rally of a political party with 16 MPs in parliament, a party that has emerged as the country's third political power in the last three elections!

There’s also endless hatred against GOLDEN DAWN from the entire media system, which passionately slanders and insults GOLDEN DAWN without giving it the right to answer. Of course, democracy is a dialogue and not a monologue, but all these rodents of public money, who own the means by which they misinform the Greek people and serve the interests of the foreigners, have nothing to do with democracy.

Saturday in Piraeus

On Saturday, in Piraeus, in the hall of a central hotel, we held a gathering, which we had previously announced. The access to the point of our gathering was possible from two ways. Hence, in both ways, a few “anti-fascists” had closed the road, having police forces next to them, which illegally blocked the street and thus made it impossible for people to attend the gathering of GOLDEN DAWN.

Unfortunately for them, they failed once again and the hall of the gathering was packed with hundreds of Greek men and women who still resist against the war of a whole system. And as I said in my speech, they have not understood that the more they fight us, the stronger we become! Like steel, the more it gets hit on the anvil, the harder it gets...

We were all there! In a hall adorned with the blue-and-white and with nationalistic banners. We were the National Resistance of a whole People against a handful of deep-state elements, who were breaking the law under the full coverage of the constables of a rotten regime. They have not stopped us and they will never stop us. They should have realized it after so many years of persecutions and a river of propaganda that did not bend the will of the hundreds of thousands of Greek men and women who support GOLDEN DAWN all over the country!

“National Patriots”...

Under this opportunity, some naïve people should contemplate about why GOLDEN DAWN is blocked from television, and why there are counter-gatherings at our every event, while some “national patriots” are left undisturbed to appear on television and even to speak in halls that are controlled by the Left... Anyone who does not understand the dirty game played by these systemic abusers against GOLDEN DAWN must be really daft!

Moreover, they should not talk about “unity”. When we were handcuffed and we were led to the cells of Honor, they (the “national patriots”...) not only were not next to us but they had a feast believing that since GOLDEN DAWN would be out of the way, their time was coming! They cannot understand that even if GOLDEN DAWN did not exist, they still would not succeed in anything because they are non-existent and pawns of a vicious regime.

But enough about them!  We shall continue our way, the rough and difficult path of Virtue, and it will not be long before we move from National Resistance to Counterattack! Against all the traitors who sell out our national rights, in order to take back our Fatherland and give back to our people its Pride and its lost Dignity.

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary-General of People’s League – Golden Dawn