“Resign to stop the validation of the Prespa agreement”  Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Tuesday, 5 February 2019 - 16:35

“Resign to stop the validation of the Prespa agreement”  Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Article of the Secretary General of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, to the national newspaper “Empros”

Golden Dawn proved in the Greek Parliament that the Prespa agreement apart from being antinational is also invalid. The government was totally indifferent towards our arguments and the objection for unconstitutionality, since they have decided to obey the orders of the foreigners and proceed to the selling out of our Macedonia. 

Towards our arguments, their answers were just some ironic comments and the applause of the communists to Dendias, a pure reactionary bourgeois, simply because he opposed our objections. All these were predictable, along with the denial of New Democracy to present a motion of censure, since they were forced to accept this embarrassing agreement. 

However, the part that caught everyone by surprise was my proposal to all the deputies of ND and PASOK to resign in order to proceed to national elections. Of course this proposal was not accepted, so everyone can conclude whether New Democracy opposes the Prespa agreement or not…

Here is an excerpt of my recent speech in the Greek Parliament: “Mr. President, dear Deputies, at first addressing to the MPs of New Democracy, I would like to note that the praise of SYRIZA towards your representative –for the Prespa agreement-is not the most honorable thing in the world. Also, regarding the disrespectable comments of the representative of SYRIZA, Mr. Xidakis, I will just say one thing: the Macedonian birds do not sing in Macedonian. They sing solely in Greek. 

Towards our objection for the anticonstitutionality of the Prespa agreement the entire “constitutional platform” answered “no”. Their denial was not a denial to Golden Dawn, but it was a denial to the Greek Constitution, according to which 180 (not just 153) votes are required for the verdict towards a major national affair. 

Why, deputies of New Democracy did you vote against this objection? Are you afraid that you might be forced to accept the Prespa agreement, due to the pressure of USA and NATO?

Of course we ought to inform Greek People, who are against this agreement, about how to stop the validation of the Prespa agreement. Currently, this government does not represent the volition of Greek People, Since January proved to be the month of transfers for footballers and also MPs. They moved from political parties to other political parties. 

Also, there is a rumor that New Democracy might proceed to a motion of censure, in order to delay these procedures. We welcome it. Besides, we already supported their previous motion of censure. Yet, there is another way to prevent the validation of the Prespa agreement, which is not necessarily political correct. Besides, the representatives and deputies of ND claim that SYRIZA proceeded to a parliamentary coup. 

The 51st article of the Greek Constitution described perfectly this way: In the elections the number of the deputies is provided by the Law. In any case, they cannot be less than 200 or more than 300. 

So, if the deputies of PASOK and ND resign, we do commit ourselves, the deputies of Golden Dawn that we shall resign as well. If 110 deputies resign, the Greek Parliament will remain with only 190 deputies, we will proceed to elections and of course every session and debate regarding the Prespa agreement shall stop abruptly.