Reply of Golden Dawn to Mr. Kotzias

Monday, 5 February 2018 - 19:19

Reply of Golden Dawn to Mr. Kotzias

The Foreign Minister of the political party Syriza is once again challenging

Nikos Kotzias: Today's opinion polls have been discouraged. The nakedness of the political party ND showed up, but also those who did not hear the Ecumenical Patriarch's speech. Millions of Greek patriots made their choice. So I continue with a quiet conscience and responsibility to negotiate for the good of the country.

Unconcern remains to the doctrine of Marxism, for the bad fate of Greece, the today's Foreign Minister, Kotzias. He did not see the great amount of people in Thessaloniki or Athens and he talks about some "millions of patriots" who were simply absent.

It is obvious that he still lives in the era where he wrote hymns about the red dictator Yaruzelski.

If he had the basic self-respect, he and his government would have to resign after the mass meeting to Syntagma Square.

Time will come…

Golden Dawn