Red terror with the “SYRIZA” brand-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Thursday, 31 May 2018 - 21:44

Red terror with the “SYRIZA” brand-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

They completely covered the criminal attack of the anarchists at Perama, Piraeus 

The usual parastatals of SYRIZA, of a group called ORMA, who always organize counter-protests against the assemblages of GOLDEN DAWN, under the police protection, attacked against the offices of the trade union “Agios Nikolaos” at Perama. More than thirty persons, with helmets, clubs and stones attacked the offices. Well, when the members of the trade union went to the police station for charges, the parastatals also made complaints, so there were arrestments from both sides. 

The professional “antifascists” of ORMA and ANTARSIA had the audacity to pretend to be the victims of this attack, and of course the media illustrated them as such. It is important to mention the fact that these groups had banners with the words “hang the fascists”, while the statement of SYRIZA was the following: “Press release of SYRIZA regarding the attack of members of Golden Dawn at Perama: The criminal attack of the violent men of Golden Dawn at Perama, during an antifascist intervention, comes to a series of neonazi attacks in the area, only few days after the conviction of I. Kasidiaris for incitement in committing crimes. The poison of fascism and nazism has no place at Perama, nowhere. The fight against the nazism and the fascist, criminal action of the murderers of Golden Dawn must be daily and continuous.”

The case of Lambrou-Panousis

The roots of the relations between SYRIZA and the left terrorism are very deep, whether it is about assaults against offices, murders or cases of terrorism. Proof of the immunity of the red criminals is their assault at our headquarters at Mesogeion Street, where the police arrived after half an hour! Yet, next our headquarters is placed a department of motor policemen. If this not a cover-up, then what could be? But let us watch a case that under different cases would have brought down the government. 

In a dialogue between a member of SYRIZA Lambrou with a jailed member of a left terror organization which was published at the press, we heard the following: 

  • Member of the organization: “You deceived us, you are liars, nothing is legalized”
  • Member of SYRIZA: “Panousis (former minister of Internal Affairs) blocked these and we cannot dismiss him. But we will see everything. About Savvas Ksiros (a famous terrorist), DNA, releases, everything”.
  • Member of the organization: “You did nothing”. 
  • Member of SYRIZA: “We are not alone. There is this “minister”. He is not one of us”. 
  • Member of terror organization: “Thank god we have bombed his house…”

Well, the member of SYRIZA still remains a member of SYRIZA, however the former minister Panousis is dismissed. So, which side prevails at SYRIZA? 

SYRIZA and terrorism: Christodoulopoulou (former minister of SYRIZA) was a defense witness for the criminal terror organization “ELA”

Panagiotis Lambrou, the member of SYRIZA that talked with imprisoned terrorists about Panousis, is still in the leadership of SYRIZA, in the rights department, but was also a witness of defense for the criminal terror organization “November 17”. Of course, he is not the only member of SYRIZA that was a witness for the defense of terrorists in the court. 

Giannopoulos, a member of the Council for Civil and Political Rights, was also a witness at the trial of “November 17”, stating that these terrorists had noble motivations! Mania Barsefski, another member of SYRIZA was also a witness at this trail where she stated that this was a trial on political views. Same goes for the members of SYRIZA Dimitris Belantis, Sarris, Karimalis and Karakostas. 

There are also many MPs of SYRIZA who were not witnesses, but suspects of terrorism…At last, the famous protector of the illegal immigrants Christodoulopoulou, defended the accused of participation in the terror organization “ELA”, which is considered as the mother-organization of all the terror organizations.

Yes, Christodoulopoulou, the woman who demanded in her recent speech in the Parliament the conviction of the MPs of GOLDEN DAWN. So the evident question after all the above, is why SYRIZA government is so much protected by the foreigners? 

For the simple reason that these people are the best partners…besides the leftists were always the best at getting dirty work done! 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn