Provopoulos confessed: We were ready, ND and bankers, to lock the ATMs – VIDEO

Thursday, 13 November 2014 - 04:06

Provopoulos confessed: We were ready, ND and bankers, to lock the ATMs – VIDEO

The former head of Greece’s central bank, George Provopoulos, granted an interview to the television station Alpha, on the procedures as stipulated during his six-year incumbency in the presidency of the Bank of Greece. This interview is of great importance, since his incumbency coincided with the outbreak of the economic crisis and the imposition of the memorandum.

In this interview Provopoulos referred to specific obscure periods and incidents, which remained secret until now. One of these concerned the interval between the two elections of 2012, where there was an imminent threat to “dry up” the ATMs of funds.

Recall that at that time ND was conducting campaign trail, terrorizing that “if ND loses the elections the ATMs will dry up”. However, this intimidation was pointless, since the ATMs were ready to “dry up” during its Governance. In fact there had been two military flights with “hot” money from foreign banks.

 The current ND MEP and former journalist of MEGA, Maria Spyraki, admitted it in an interview at a local television station. Yesterday Provopoulos admitted that himself, talking about that time and the distortion of the election result.

Of course we are talking about distortion of election result, because none of the conspirators, who knew the dark secret, did not intervene in the vile and false Samaras’s electoral propaganda, which was distorting the election result by polarizing the political climate at a point concerning this dark secret.

Another point that causes terror revealing how the Government thinks, concerns the “plan B”. In his yesterday’s interview, Provopoulos admitted that “there was plan B in case of bank panic” and foresaw “some of what we saw in the case of Cyprus, where the citizens could not make withdrawals from the banks as much cash they wanted”. More specifically he pointed out that “there would not be the possibility of withdrawing their deposits, but only a certain amount per week”.

It is worth noting, that the banks are operating and making profits from the citizens’ deposits, from which they offer banking products with interest. This money from the Greeks, would have been binding unilaterally, prohibiting people to make withdrawals over a certain threshold. We recall what was written in a book of the Bank of Greece:

“A few hours before the polling stations open up for the parliamentary election in June 2012, in the Bank of Greece there was a meeting about not opening the Banks on Monday. The crucial questions were: Which would be the limit of withdrawals? One hundred Euros per week, one hundred and fifty?

What about the tourists, they will be able to withdraw money? How many days will the banks remain closed? Which ATMs will be open? There will be guard? The Ministry of Public Order will be informed?

At the same time George Provopoulos was saying that all these years we allowed the wealthy to transfer money abroad without any control and now we will say to those who kept their life savings in Greece that they cannot make withdrawals over 150 Euros per week?”