Promotion – Challenge of Dogiakos: Samaras rewards him for “good” service

Thursday, 4 December 2014 - 02:12

Promotion – Challenge of Dogiakos: Samaras rewards him for “good” service

He was promoted to Chief Prosecutor of the Court of Appeals in Athens, responding to the phrase “the fish rots  from the head down”

A month ago there were elections for Chief Prosecutor of the Court of Appeals of Athens. From the elections, Panagiotis Karagiannis was appointed head, whom they resigned in a hurry, through his promotion, so that the pawn of Samaras, Dogiakos could be elected. It became clear to all judges that the process would be repeated as many times as necessary until Dogiakos gets elected for this position.

Undeniable judicial sources revealed to us that the manipulations and the pressure on the judiciary were unbearable and humiliated the institution, to such a point that seven out of the ten oldest judges pulled out from the ridiculous procedure, while their colleagues chose to ignore the definite political mandate to vote in Samaras’ pawn, who was marginally elected. All this of course, does not matter, since the elections would be repeated until he was elected. No matter how many times it had to be repeated.

Dogiakos was promoted for two reasons. First of all, to thank him for his valuable services in the conspiracy against the Golden Dawn. Dogiakos, apart from author of the ludicrous “proposal”, in which he typifies anyone having baseball bat as “member of a criminal organization” and is entirely based on speeches and on Dogiakos’ talented writing, he is the operator of the preliminary process, of the shame that many times violated the laws and pretenses and detained people, without blaming them for any crime. 

In any case Dogiakos submitted his proposal to the Court of Appeals, in order for it to publish the final ordinance, to indict the defendants or not. And suddenly he was promoted to Chief of the Court of Appeals of Athens, i.e. Council of Appeals, using fraudulent manipulations. So, now, there is no need for Babis (Athanasiou) to call Tsami, he has Samaras’ pawn, Dogiakos, in that position. So, in this way they hope to keep up the conspiracy going.

But, the conspiracy has been completely refuted and it’s really good that Dogiakos’ existence to that post is required for its continuity. This indicates that the infected wound on the body of Justice is not extensive, since there is a lack of perjurers and the ones they have need to be recycled. What will they do next? Will they create a Court Office including Dogiakos, Klappa and Dimitropoulos? Do they have time to “set up” this scheme?

We are looking forward…agonizingly. In any case, let them do whatever they want. The conspiracy has collapsed before the Greek People and the "evidence" at the trial will prove to the entire Greek public the ridiculousness of schemers, political perjurers, and corrupt judges.