People demand purification and National dignity-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Thursday, 8 March 2018 - 17:47

People demand purification and National dignity-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

In an opinion poll published at Sunday 4 of March 2018, 78% of the citizens demand purification about Novartis scandal, while it is a fact that more than 70% of Greeks deny a name for Skopje, with the term “Macedonia” in it. 

In the same opinion poll GOLDEN DAWN is one again the third political party and it seems that the tale of a mighty PASOK has gone bad, with the sorrow of the mass media. GOLDEN DAWN not only stays strong, but is also on rise. And on the opposite side there is an entire system, persecutions and exclusions. 


Following the reveal of the scandal with the two rich deputies of SYRIZA who also took an allowance, Alexis Tsipras was force to proceed to the reformation of the government and he audaciously presented this as a moral victory! Regarding this reformation, our political party mad the following press release: “No reformation and no “transfer” can save this government, which leads the country to the economic disaster and to major national defeats. –Golden Dawn-Press Office”.

Unfortunately, shortly after, another “national defeat” took place, the famous incident at Evros. Regarding this issue and also concerning the immunity of the parastatals, I made in the peristyle of the Parliament, the following statement: “We denounce the new assault of Turkey against Greece. The capture of the two Greek officers is a provocative act, to whom both the government and the opposition must answer. Accomplices in this stance of Turkey are USA, NATO and Europe, who remain indifferent. Greece should answer and resort to the international organizations. Also, regarding the statement of Toskas against the Greek Policek, well it is ridiculous. We all know that in this place where I am standing those who invaded in the parliament were arrested and shortly after were released, under the orders of the president of the Parliament and minister Toskas. They better stop hypocrisy. Golden Dawn answers to them: Anarchists and bolshevists this land is not yours!’

Sadly, regarding our relation with Turkey, we were totally confirmed about our denial towards the visit of Erdogan, which was welcomed by the government, while the opposition remained silent. However, it is obvious that the national affairs and scandals create a new political landscape in this country.


N.D. accuses of lack of national policy SYRIZA, as if the policy of ND is any different…From the side of SYRIZA, they accuse New Democracy of scandals. However, all these accusations in the end do not benefit none of these two political parties. It is worth to note the first page article of the newspaper “KATHIMERINI” concerning this issue: “It is evident that with the “Macedonian issue” Mr. Tsipras attempted to divide N.D. The gigantic assemblages at Thessalonica and Athens cancelled the plans of SYRIZA and led to the rise of the patriotic and national pride. But, the point is that with the downgrade of the moral of the citizens during the last decade, the totally antisystemic far right wing will be benefited.”

Well, where is this totally antisystemic far right wing, which will be benefited? The answer is obvious…

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn