Palamas, Kordatos and Communism-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Monday, 13 August 2018 - 18:27

Palamas, Kordatos and Communism-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Canvassing, the hunt for votes, the decayed art, all these constitute the main reason of the degeneration. A century ago, the great anatomic of the Greek sphere Kostis Palamas had revealed the wounds of our Nation. In fact, I have mentioned the lyrics of a poem of Palamas regarding the degrading influence of communism to a nation. 

Of course, the MPs of SYRIZA and ND could not respond properly. Unfortunately for them, GOLDEN DAWN is now in the parliament and eager to crush the mendacities of the left side! 

The exploitation of artists from the left side

Kostis Palamas has sadly been a victim of the exploitation by the left side. But not only him. Few years ago a series was broadcasted at public television, where our great poet Kostas Karyotakis was allegedly leftists and member of the communist party (KKE)! Of course, in reality Karyotakis supported the King. Same goes for Aggelos Sikelianos, a poet who adored Greece and had proclaimed himself as Nationalist. Also, Giorgos Seferis was a leftist according to KKE, while in fact he also supported the King and also the regime of the 4th of August and Ioannis Metaxas. 

In fact, the “leftist” Giorgos Seferis at November of 1965 had welcomed at his home the great poet and fascist Ezra Pound, who visited Greece in order to see Acropolis. Regarding Kostis Palamas, at 1910 a historian of KKE, Kordatos wrote that Palamas supported the communist movement because in one of his poems he praised the workers! But is not only about Kordatos. At 1946, Zachariades wrote an assay where he insisted that Palamas was “one of them”…

Kostis Palamas and Kordatos

Because of the lyric of Palamas where he compares the communists to evil wolves, the historian Kordatos personally complained to Palamas. More specifically he describes their meeting in his book:

“This poem of Palamas embittered many of his admirers. One of them was me. I went to his place and I complained to him about comparing the communists with wolves. I talked to him about the French Revolution and the role of Russian Revolution. He deliberately answered that communism erased from the map the Nation of Russia, the great country of the North. He talked like a prosecutor, not an intellect. He did also recalled Gorky, who also complained about some situations regarding the communist regime. I reminded him again of the French Revolution but he was not convinced. I left sad. Few days later he sent me a letter, not to apologize, but to convince me that I was wrong:

“You are young and you see everything ideally. Your heart speaks not your mind. From the press I learn that catastrophe did not end in Russia. Lenin and Trotsky, these evil demons, have ruined everything. They have created chaos without precedent in history.” (Kordatos, page 367)

The reason they hate the poet Palamas

However, despite their exploitation, they do hate Palamas and they fear of his national lyrics. They are afraid of the poet of the Great Idea. You can see that from the picture above, where “unknown” vandalized his statue. However, not only the communists are vandals. Same goes for our educational system. Since the 80ies the “intellects” have erased every sign of the poetry of Palamas from the books! 

Nowadays, in the books of literature, there are only some minor excerpts of his work and in the higher classes nothing. Everything erased. They claim, in fact, that this poet had a “global” spirit! At the High school, where the student form their national conscious there is no trace of Palamas in the books! 

However, no matter what they do, they cannot twist our History, the great Artists of our Nation. No matter how many works of art and intellect they attempt to erase, they will never erase the fact that Palamas compared them to demons and evil wolves who are dedicated in the mortification of the Greek Soul.

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn