Only Golden Dawn! The lie of the “compromises” of the Nationalistic Movement-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Thursday, 5 October2017 - 22:32

Only Golden Dawn! The lie of the “compromises” of the Nationalistic Movement-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

The political sphere of this land is in decay

It seems that there are not fundamental upcoming political developments. The elections will not arrive soon, since the government does not intend to abandon its power, even though it is evident that it represents the minority of Greek people and that there is no hope of development on the future years. 

The only development would probably be the change of the political partner and instead of the political party of Panos Kammenos to emerge PASOK of Fofi Gennimata! As for the denials, they have no value in the political life, since the statements of the politicians are usually refuted by the reality. 

The big interests reinforce PASOK

On the other side, the delay in the selection of leadership at the new…political party which will derive from PASOK, and on the other side the constant faults of Panos Kammenos create the necessary space to this prospect. It is unknown for how long SYRIZA will agree to govern along with ANEL, but it is certain that a possible partnership with PASOK will not be dismissed by SYRIZA. Besides that, it is known that the external and internal interests wish for a partnership of SYRIZA with PASOK, because they think that this collaboration favors the steadiness and with PASOK their interests will be defended. 

On the above, we should note that the global establishment supports Alexis Tsipras and his meeting with the president of United States Donald Trump is no coincidental. 

The outcome of the German elections is an unpredictable factor

The outcome of the German elections is an unpredictable factor. The rise of the political party ADF removed voted from Angela Merkel, who can no longer control the political agenda of Germany and European Union! The possible political partners of Merkel in the future German government, the liberals, have made it clear that they do not accept neither a common European budget, nor a common minister of Economics for Europe. This makes more difficult the plans of SYRIZA regarding the economic future of Greece and things get worse for the political survival for the government of Tsipras-Kammenos and also for the future government of Mitsotakis. However, Mitsotakis notices that N.D<> has not the ability to create a self-sufficient government. 

The key in political developments in this decay of the political life of the country is the so called new PASOK. The foreign decision-making centers aspire to control the political life of Greece through this new PASOK. It is about plans that succeeded in the past, but I have the opinion that now they shall fail, since the new PASOK rises only in the fake opinion polls. 

Golden Dawn is an unfaltering rock

They aspire, through all means, to turn PASOK into the third political party of the country, in place of GOLDEN DAWN. Yet, since PASOK cannot rise in any way, they try to undermine GOLDEN DAWN…

So, among their plans is their claim that GOLDEN DAWN intends to alternate its ideological and political character and turn into a party of the political establishment!

Dear Comrades, do not believe them. GOLDEN DAWN remains loyal to its Principles and Ideals and continues to fight in this ambiance of persecutions, bans and terror. 

Like I stated on the newscast of the television channel KONTRA CHANNEL there are many former MPs of the liberal right side who have proposed themselves to us, in order to be included in our ballot papers. We have denied this to them ALL, since we cannot accept people who have been members of the parties of the old political establishment, which are responsible for the current degeneration of our Homeland and the memoranda.

GOLDEN DAWN remain an unfaltering rock and the fact that it intends to change its political and ideological character is a huge lie. Few weeks ago I refer to this issue in my article at page 24 of our newspaper with the title: “WE SHOULD NOT LOSE OUR SOUL FOR THE VOTES”.

So, all the claims of the bad-intentioned people and the calumniators of GOLDEN DAWN are no valid at all! What is valid is the fact that we experience the total exclusion of our Movement from the state, the parastate and the media, and what we should all do, personally and collectively through the action of our Movement, is to raise our voice towards the People.

The streets and the squares, the neighborhoods, the cities and the villages wait for us. We fight in there, not in front of the TV screens. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn