Ntogiakos: Whoever sells baseball bats, his party is a criminal organization

Friday, 17 October 2014 - 13:20

Ntogiakos: Whoever sells baseball bats, his party is a criminal organization

Ntogiakos’s finding does not indicate even one fact proving the involvement of any of our Members in any unlawful act and refers only to speeches, articles and anonymous false testimonies.

We challenge the TV channels’ sycophants who propagate the opposite to testify even one aggravating element, otherwise stop the mendacity.

At a point of this ridiculous finding it is stated that a defendant for murder had in his house a baseball bat and since relevant items are sold in a Member’s store of the Golden Dawn then the whole party is "criminal organization".

Behold the issue to understand the ignorant that Ntogiakos did not act as a prosecutor, but as a mouthpiece of the corrupted coalition government of Samaras-Venizelos: "…Supporting to the previous statements is the fact that the also defendant ILIAS PANAGIOTAROS, Member of the Golden Dawn, markets and sells to the Organization’s members from his store in Kolonos named ‘Falange’ such wooden baseball bats…"

For the case in question of the murdered Pakistani citizen a few months ago Ntogiakos himself had declared that: "There was no evidence of any relationship of the defendants to this party…" and now he does an about-face annulling his own judgment and demonstrates how badly the conspiracy is rigged against the Popular Association.

Ntogiakos acts as Samaras’s subservient and has been conscripted this particular moment for communication purposes and in order to cover the collapse of the economic policy of the coalition government.

Their purpose is to terrorize the Greek voters by threatening that the third political force of the country will be outlawed.

By following this vile policy, they just manage to unite the Nationalist Movement that will soon be the main opposition party.