November 1965: The statue of St.Chrysostomos, Smyrna and Turkish Hubris- Article by N.G. Michaloliakos

Wednesday, 3 December 2014 - 17:06

November 1965: The statue of St.Chrysostomos, Smyrna and Turkish Hubris- Article by N.G. Michaloliakos

An article from Nikolaos Michaloliakos, the General Secretary of Golden Dawn, for the newspaper 'Empros”.

Within the year permanent Turkish provocations upon Greece

This recent Turkish challenge upon Greece's national borders in regards to Aegean and Cypriot ownership was another episode in the unending series of Turkish provocations towards Greece. These challenges are not addressed by the slaves of foreign interests that run the country, but they continually avoid the issue without it giving it a thought, this type of action further influences Turkish courage. In November 1965 the unveiling of the statue of the Saint and National martyr, Chrisostomos Smyrna in the area of New Smyrna in Athens. A priest of our Nation, who had literally martyred himself in the slaughter perpetrated by the Turks in Smyrna during that tragic time of 1922.

The free, as much as it could and can be free, our Greece honored her National martyr. The descendants of the slayers and executioners of our National martyr, could not remain silent though. Instead they  protested on a account of the speeches that were heard in regards to the making of the statue for this Hellenic Priest  From the great penmenship, of “Philister” and through the journalist Mr. Katsigeras, we read in the newspaper Kathemerini,

“49 years ago 25/11/1965: Demirel against Greece: in regards to the matter of the unveiling of the statue of Chrisostomos of Smyrna, this continually imposes vigerous measures to be used against Greece. The Turkish Prime Minister Souliman Demirel characterized as ridicule taking this opportunity and the reasons which were voiced from Greek People with the unveiling of the statue of this Metropolitan. The Turks also accused him of working with the Greek invaders in regards to disrupting the goal of creating an independent Turkey."

Turkey will not move one millimeter back in it's aggressive stance and in it's provocations towards Greece.  They havent any respect for the victims of the slaughter in which these animals executed the Greeks. Not much time has passed either since a Turkish mayor stated that the bones of the slaughtered at the Great massacre of Chios, should be relocated.  This is what they call Hellenic-Turkish friendship. No, it is not justified when he writes that Turkey is the only nation with no testament to history, but a criminal record .

On the other hand the authoritarians of this country these last decades and not just these, display a stance of having passion for defeat. That which is blasphamous towards Hellenic History. Continual division to the point where we find ourselves celebrating the honorable memory of the butcher of Hellenes and Hellenism Mustafa Kemal in Hellenic Thraki and even in Thessaloniki. Whoever among us thinks that with this type of stance we secure our peaceful relations, you are completely wrong. The Turks do not understand the language of condemnation but rather that of strength. And as much as we retreat they will proceed to attack with equal measure.

Their goal is to again turn Greece into a region of the new Ottoman Empire. It is the duty of every Greek patriot to fight this imposed Hellenic-Turkish friendly relations. We will witnesss in the coming days when we will receive in flesh in Athens with the visit of the antihellenic Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davoutoglou.

Nikos Michaloliakos
Political Prisoner  
Korydallos Prison