Novartis: “They wasted them together”

Thursday, 20 April2017 - 20:12

Novartis: “They wasted them together”

The Novartis scandal surpasses even the Siemens scandal and according to justice there are thousand civil servants involved, who were bribed directly from Switzerland!

This case reminds the statement of Theodoros Pagkalos “we wasted them together” and this statement was obviously addressed to all the rodents of the green and blue political parties, who were plundering the sweat of Greek People!

It also concerns, however, the so called honorable of the left side, who would bring the purification...

Well, not only this purification never happened, but also the international organizations accuse them of bribes regarding the money they took for the refugees and the illegal immigrants, by pretending to be antiracists and humanitarians! 

These bribes reach the 700 million euro!