Not even one resignation! 20 dead people at Mantra and Rubicon at Pentagon-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Saturday, 25 November 2017 - 02:57

Not even one resignation! 20 dead people at Mantra and Rubicon at Pentagon-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

“Everything in this land has taken another shape,
Dreams, hopes, aim,
Our faces have become dirty,
We ignore the shame.”


Another tragedy took place in our Homeland the last week. There are 21 dead and one missing person at Mantra, Attica, because of the floods. West Attica fell once again in darkness. In this beautiful land, glorified by Nikos Gatsos at “Mourn of Persephone”, some persons during the period after the political turnover, during the chaotic industrial and urban development, chose the creation of a monster at the expense of Greek People, at the expense of poor Greek people, who chose to reside on this land. 

Since the 70ies the floods torment this region

Since the 70ies the floods torment this land, since nobody cared about the creation of flood-prevention works, for the protection of the residents. I personally remember very well the floods during the winter of 1978, when I did my service as Probationary Reserve Officer at the 2nd Armed Brigade and we were ordered to help the residents of this area. So, the tragedy of the last days did not came out of nowhere! According to the statements of the mayor, there was a plan for flood-prevention works since 2015 for these streams that were NEVER constructed! The Marshal of this region, Rena Dourou, not only did nothing, but also made a prosecution! 

Twenty one of our compatriots lost their life, properties were damaged and not a single resignation! Even the resignation of an employer, among those who gave permission for the construction of residencies and stores upon the streams! Set aside the resignations of ministers, marshals etc. that constitute fantasies…

Rubicon at Pentagon!

And while we were counting dead bodies, some “prosperous rebels” made a provocation with no precedent. The notorious group of anarchists “Rubicon” invaded and exited from a camp of Greek Army, but not any camp, but the Pentagon! It is about the same group that has invaded in public hospitals, private offices, public services, and even in the Parliament, where the president of the Parliament ordered the Police to set them free and accompany them at the metro station…

However, are the Parliament and the Pentagon the same? According to us, of course not!

For those who are unfamiliar, at the early 80ies, when PASOK governed the country for the first time, Andreas Papandreou had ordered the increased guarding of the Pentagon, because he was afraid of a possible coup. In fact, the last years, because of the invasion of the syndicalist, there were taken plus safety measure, with the guard of the Special Forces! At the end, there were never coups, however did took place the invasion of the group of anarchists “Rubicon” at Pentagon.

Few words about Rubicon. It was a small river northern of Europe and it was considered the last border, which the Roman generals could not pass, because this would threaten the democracy. At 49 b. C. Julius Caesar passed this limit and uttered the famous words “alea jacta est”. What could be the connection between this group and the river? Are they the last defense of democracy? If it is about that, then the regime called democracy by the current suzerains is nothing more than a sick situation. 

But let us return to the incidents at Pentagon. Let us return to the fact that this group invaded and exited with no arrestment, no order for the arrestment of the responsible. Nothing. And among these, no resignation…

Dead people at Mantra, Attica, anarchists who invade at Pentagon, in the heart of the Armed Forces, and not a single resignation! All these remind us of the always on point lyrics of Souris regarding a Greece where everyone has a dirty face and no shame. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn