Nikos Antoniadis to the national newspaper “Empros”: “It has nullified the Constitution. MPs are imprisoned without evidence”

Tuesday, 5 August 2014 - 11:33

Nikos Antoniadis to the national newspaper “Empros”: “It has nullified the Constitution. MPs are imprisoned without evidence”

Exclusive interview with the attorney of the General Secretary of the Golden Dawn Mr. Nikolaos Michaloliakos, Mr. Nikos Antoniadis, to the national newspaper "Empros".

The Advocate of the General Secretary of the Golden Dawn Mr. Nikolaos Michaloliakos, Mr. Nikos Antoniadis, complains that they have circumvented the rights of defendants in an unprecedented manner, and at all levels he refers with data on the judicial arbitrariness in conspiracy against the Golden Dawn. He argues that the "findings of Mr. Vourliotis” should be called “finding of Mr. Psaras," but he believes that the majority of judicial and prosecutorial is excellent legal and honest people.

Interview to the journalist Mrs. Irene Dimopoulou - Pappa

Mr. Antoniadis these recent months you live very close a political and legal case, unprecedented for Greek politics and judicial time. What is your impression formed as a lawyer?

We live in truly unprecedented situations to the Greek Justice. I come from a family of magistrates, my grandfather was a Judge in the 50's to the Supreme Court, my uncle was President of Misdemeanors, but he died at a young age of only 50 years. I love with passion the law and I respect indefinitely Justice, I think, that the vast majority of judicial and prosecutorial is excellent legal and honest people. But when I faced judicial arbitrariness in the past I did not hesitated to collide on a personal level even with senior magistrates in order to protect the people entrusting me their lives and their freedom.

Ultimately they vindicated both them and me, when he turned against former prosecutor of the Supreme Court and I faced charges of repeated false accusations of judicial officers. But then the honest side of Justice (which includes I repeat it, the vast majority of judges) showed the clean face and I was acquitted unanimously by the three-member Court of Appeals, despite the fact that the cases for which I had accused an Advocate of the Supreme Court, three Deputy Prosecutors of the Supreme Court and three special investigators were underway and the judges were active.

What I live in the case of the Golden Dawn has nothing to do with the arbitrary ones, what happens to the Greek Justice by certain judges and prosecutors in the last year in the case of the Golden Dawn has no precedent, I doubt if there is a previous one to another well-governed state. Unacceptable prosecutions are instituted and unfounded allegations made ​​literally on foot, on the basis of photocopy of a non-existent statutes of the Golden Dawn lodged to the Deputy Prosecutor Mr. Haralambos Vourliotis, the journalist Mr. Dimitris Psaras, without filing the original and without the deputy public prosecutor, in a manner unacceptable, to seek it from him, basing to this entirely on prosecution, asserting that even under this statute falsified there is a position of the second in command to the Golden Dawn, a position that neither in the falsified document exists, which shows the most clear way how erected this category, since self-evidently the deputy public prosecutor did not even read the copy but replicated the filing of Mr. Psaras to bring summarily the prosecution, so wrongly stated his conclusions as "the findings of Vourliotis" but should be called "finding of Psaras'.

MPs are persecuted, arrested and are in custody without lifting immunity because it is supposedly an act of committing a felony, which have rejected all serious legal and even constitutional layers prominent opponent of the Golden Dawn, as the Prof. Mr. Chrysogonos, but as it did even the investigating judge Mrs. Ioanna Klapa in the case of MPs for whom she requested the waiver of immunity, but in a way literally unprecedented and challenging she rejected the request of the Secretary General of the Golden Dawn to cancel against him the arrest, since in his case of no prior waiver of immunity which it held that the investigating judge had to precede to the MPs to whom she pronounced the category of the article 187 without giving absolutely no explanation for her rejection of this, obviously because they simply "did not have" canceled the arrest of the General Secretary, respectively, because while he "should" be in custody, Mr. Elias Kasidiaris invented the premium felony for possession of a rifle with a license in his name with which he practiced already a sport of shooting since 2000, registered to the shooting Federation, causing huge reactions to intelligent citizens of the country and spreading panic among shooters in all ranges of the country which suspended their operation.

This week the chief prosecutor of the Golden Dawn refused to submit to the questioning the original document based on which are on remand or in custody all the MPs of a legally elected political party.

I condemn on behalf of Mr. Michaloliakos that by tolerating the investigating judge to the deny of the witness Mr. Dimitrios Psaras to produce the original in order to proceed to an expert handwriting on it and break the conspiracy against the Golden Dawn, the Justice "hit rock bottom".

You've said in the past that there are loopholes in the management of the case of the Golden Dawn by prosecutors and investigating judges. Do you think that served considerations that justice operates throughout the policy of the dictated supervisory authority?

When to legal cases one and one do not make two, then it is given the legal right to each and every citizen to conclude that clearly served considerations and that judicial arbitrariness is not random or a product of misjudgment, especially when they are in continuation.

The legal world is silent why is happening? It is a matter of political transaction or fraternal solidarity?

The Court of Appeal and the Supreme are confused. I believe that the unprecedented legal precedents created have angered the vast majority of senior and senior judicial and prosecutorial, and that soon we will see the first reactions of Justice in what happens.

They are circumvented, you believe, the rights of the accused?

In an unprecedented way, I repeat, and at all levels. Here has been nullified the Constitution, the Parliament can operate with fewer than 300 MPs who voted for the Greek citizens, because the prosecution refuses to MPs to exercise their parliamentary duties, to parliamentarians is imposed the incredible caveat not to participate in the events of the party and not to talk through these people who voted to represent them and speak instead, deputies are in custody by their nature, dispelling any notion of law and violating bluntly the Article 282 of the Criminal Procedure Code. From where can I start and where to end it. It's bad enough the entire edition of your newspaper.

On what legal safeguards will therefore proceed to trial? "Civil proceedings" as the Minister said Mr. Athanasiou? Obviously if carried out in the way they handled the case, the investigating judges and the prosecutor, we would talk about a mock trial.

As I told the Court of Appeal and the Supreme are confused. My faith is that we will soon see the first reactions of Justice in what happens. It refers both to the legitimate demands that are pending currently in judicial councils, such as bail applications of Mr. Elias Kasidiari and Mr. Artemis Mattheopoulos, why the vast majority of citizens believe that their detention is unjust and unreasonable, for different reasons for each, the judicial Board will determine the referral or not, and if we get to the audience, primarily the Tribunal.

How do you comment on the sudden closure of interrogation literally overnight last Wednesday?

The closure itself questioning not surprised me, what I have to complain about is that while Wednesday afternoon we did not even have prosecution proposal on the request for release of the General Secretary of the Golden Dawn Mr. Michaloliakos that I submitted together with Mr. Taki Michalolias on July 17, after the publication of the deposit of Mr. Psarras to the press, after ordering by Mr. Michaloliakos, late Wednesday afternoon to show the contempt of Justice by the witness and the tolerance of the investigating judge in challenging his refusal to produce the original of the spurious "Articles of association" Thursday morning I was served the rejection order of the investigating judge (in an afternoon that there was a proposal and order) together with the notification of the end.

Because it caused huge “noise” from the disclosure of the deposit of Mr. Psaras, the investigating judge was obliged to entertain the painful impression created at the expense of reason and the rejection order on the bail application of Mr. Michaloliakos. With this and appears to reject the request for production of the original of the "Statute of Psarras" and an expert on it, ostensibly because the request was submitted to request the release.

False, because the application for Psarras filed separately, as is obvious, after one week. The investigating judge was looking a pretext to answer after the “noise”, indicating that the request was discarded as dilatory. The aim was to convince that she was the one who took the call and was not indicated by the witness in his testimony, as evidenced by the publicized testimony.

Besides being exposed answering subsequent to the request, which falsely claims that had been submitted with the application for parole, I ask: If indeed the original request was dilatory because Mrs. Klapa ultimately invited Mr. Psarras to the Court of Appeal to table and asked him if it is the original, stating clearly that this so she asks if the witness had to produce in order to meet the request of the accused? It is thus evident that her 'response' of this exhibited herself even further.