N. G. Mihaloliakos: Nothing but a “hole in the water” the much-publicized exit to the markets by Tsipras and Kammenos government - VIDEO

Monday, 31 July2017 - 18:50

The Leader of the Golden Dawn was hosted by journalist L. Lazarou during the main news bulletin on the "Egnatia TV" channel in Greece.

N. G. Michalakalakos described the exit to the markets as a salto mortale of the Tsipra - Kammenou government in the footsteps of Samaras' successful "success story." As he said characteristically, not one euro from the exit to the markets will go to the national economy, but all proceeds will go to repay illegal amortization payments.

He reiterated that Greek "debt" is illegal, as successive Greek governments have taken the money but did not use it for the benefit of the Greek people.
The General Secretary of the People's League to demonstrate the anti-hellenic character of the state concerned only with illegal immigrants revealed that the Greek soldier ration is 3.4 euros while the refugee is 7.8 euros.

Regarding the Cyprus issue, he denounced the attitude of President Anastasiades, who ignores the will of the Cypriot people, promoting the treasonous "solution" of the Bi-zonal Bi-communal Federation.

Regarding the name issue of Skopje, he reiterated the solid position of Golden Dawn on this but also of the Greek people: No compromise on our Macedonia!

He finally made it clear that the Golden Dawn is not part of the rotten economic and political establishment but is fighting to overthrow it.